Zero To Hero Course Joining Process.


Hello all, my lad is currently doing his final year of A-Levels, he’s previously passed AOSB aged 15 to attend Welbeck but sadly dipped out by 3 marks on his GCSE’s. He’s 18 in April and wishes to try for a place at Sandhurst and is prepared to attend AOSB should he get the required A-Level results. We have been advised to look into joining the Reserves and it’s been mention to look into the “Zero to Hero” course. Does anyone have any details on this please and who do we apply to.

Thanks in advance for any help given.


Zero to hero is the slightly dubious nickname for the consolidated 8 week course at RMAS.

Standard procedure is to join a unit (as a soldier, even if your application says Officer) go through your AOSB and then off to Sandhurst. Booking will be done via unit HR people.