Zero g Hawking

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. I do hope somebody double checks the points.
  2. Can't fault him for that.
  3. You wouldnt want to be up with him would you.....

    fucking drool flying about at all angles, I can hear his speak and spell chirping off now

    *Stephen hawkings voice*

    "Now-I-am-at-zero-gravity-i find-my-colostomy-bag-has-backflushed-into-my-chest-cavity-and-my-slaver-is-running-from-my-droopy-chops-straight-up-my-own-nose"
  4. It'll be like an Action Man in a tumble dryer.
  5. Did he b0llcks!!!
  6. So the title of this thread wasn't misleading.. we ARE talking about spitting and coughing one up in space...
  7. I can see the title of his next scientific paper:

    'The Corpuscular forming effects of the green gilbert whilst travelling at escape velocity in a zero g environ.'
  8. 2007 Snot Odyssey.
  9. That's a new keyboard 'mistersoft'.
  10. I hope he takes his gizmo with him or else it will be:

    In space nobody can hear you scream.
  11. He'd better be wearing kevlar p1ss and sh1t bags. Mr Hawking, I salute you, sir.
  12. He has got guts.

    Not so pleasant though when they're floating about the aircraft.
  13. Wonder if the Virgin Galactic craft will have wheelchair access or will he have to be just carried to his seat?

    Imagine all the drool down your back after humping him into the craft...
  14. Water off a duck's back.

    Water off some poor fcuker's back.