Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cuddles, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. I am currently on the shores of the bodensee and have already noted the presence of various monuments to Graf von Z and his airships/flying boats.
    tomorrow before I take DB to Munich, I will hopefully get a quick look in at the museum.

    I am particularly pleased that work has dragged me up on the shore here because my grandfather banged on about a Zeppelin raid he had "witnessed" over Yorkshire in late 1916. I poo-poohed this tale for years until by chance I found the riveting account of the night of the 27th November 1916. Which of the many Zepps he actually saw - or how many - I do not know. However he was stationed somewhere on the Durham/Yorkshire coast then and so Grandad, I withdraw my unspoken mockery.

    Zeppelin Raid 27th November 1916

    So tomorrow I hope to glean a little more on this topic.
  2. When I was a nipper, I remember my reclusive great uncle popping his clogs, and the subsequent clearing out the house. I scored a bunch of pictures and other odds and sods, pieces of canvas from Sopworth Pups and suchlike, but the pictures were very interesting. One them was a picture of a Zep. carrying out a raid over Hull.

    After reading your link, I am of the opinion the picture is related to this incident.
  3. I used to go to a hostelry in Stanmore called the "Leafe Robinson", apparently named after the pilot in the RFC who brought down the first zeppelin over London close to Stanmore in september 1916! for this he was awarded the VC! It was also the first enemy craft to be shot down at night, the deed having taken place at about 2 am!
  4. William Leefe Robinson VC
  5. According to "Janes 1919" The Gemans built 70 military Zeppellins from 1912 for the Navel air service but by the end of the war only 9 remained. One L57 made an atempt to fly 12 tons of stores from Jamboli in Rumania to German East Africa but was called back wireless after covering over 3000 miles, the crew numbered between 18 and 30, their length varied from 500 to almost 700 feet
  6. Interesting that the BE2c pilot claims to have downed it. Evidently there was an Evening Gazette article on 28 November 1916 that said that anti-aircraft fire led to its downfall. http://rememberwhen.gazettelive.co.uk/2009/09/tales-of-a-teesside-tramline.html

    There's also a more recent Evening Gazette story that recounts an eye witness observation, also suggesting anti-aircraft fire. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/local-teesside-news/stockton-billingham-news/2010/02/11/jennie-s-105-glorious-years-84229-25812173/
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    Get a hair trimmer. Oh AIR service. I thought you typed Navel Hair service. Do you collect the blue fluff as well?
  8. Scarborough, Hull and York were all raided by Zeppellins during WW1.

    In Hull's case, there are eyewitness reports of prostitutes kneeling & praying for their salvation.

    Oh, and several hundred-poundsworth of improvements were made.
  9. Quite apparent when I left and joined up, the place still looked like shi'ite in 1980.

    As an a asside, I find it interesting that the seaside resort of Scarbourgh was considered a target. Apart from the small coastel fishing fleet, I can only assume that the Hun mistook the small group of children riding the donkies on the beach to be Household Cav. remounts.

    "At approximately 8.10 on the morning of 16 December 1914 the First High Seas Fleet Scouting Group, commanded by Admiral Franz von Hipper, unleashed a bombardment of the North Sea English seaports of Hartlepool, West Hartlepool, Whitby and Scarborough.

    Lasting until around 9.30am the bombardment (of 1,150 shells) resulted in some 137 fatalities and 592 wounded. The two coastal defence batteries in Hartlepool (Heugh Battery and Lighthouse Battery) responded, firing 143 shells and damaging three German ships, including the heavy cruiser Blucher"

  10. Big crew....
  11. At the German Cemetary in Cannok Chase there are the crews of three German Airships SL 11( not a Zeppelin but a Shutte-Lanz) Crew 16. L32 crew 22, and L48 crew 16
  12. Big lads then?
  13. The only VC awarded for action in the UK (I think) for attacking a Zeppelin on the night of 2/3 September 1916 over Cuffley, Hertfordshire:

    "War Office 5th September 1916. His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to award the Victoria Cross to the undermentioned officer, Lieutenant William Leefe Robinson, Worcestershire Regiment and Royal Flying Corps. For most conspicuous bravery. He attacked an enemy airship under circumstances of great difficulty and danger, and sent it crashing to the ground as a flaming wreck. He had been in the air for more than two hours and had previously attacked another airship during his flight."
  14. Couldn't they have got shorter crew members to save weight? :p