Zeitgeist the Movie - 60,000 views a day.

This is an amazing film. 60,000 people a day watch it on google video. For those times when you ask yourself, "What is it all about, ay?" Religion, war, power, 9/11, money and all that jazz.

"They must find it difficult....those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority".

Click to watch:
60,000 people a day watch the traffic on the M25. Doesn't mean to say its gripping viewing.

Having read your other two posts, I'm guessing your maternal mammal breeding ape dropped you from a very tall tree.

You sir, are a trombone.


Here's an excerpt from one review:

Exactly who is behind the video is unclear, although someone with the moniker of “Peter J.” has posted an online letter claiming credit and explaining Zeitgeist’s message to those who may have somehow failed to grasp the worldview that the video hammers home.

And what is that worldview, pray tell? Religions in general, and Christianity in particular, are primarily systems of social control. 9/11 was an inside job and the destruction of the WTC twin towers and building 7 were aided by controlled demolition. And finally, International Bankers, through the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), control our money and our future, leading to, ta da, the coming One World Government and the microchipping of everyone.

Exactly how all this fits together is left to the viewer’s imagination or, presumably, the film-maker’s hash pipe.

All very dull, frankly. Andy65 I think you'll find that Arrsers couldn't be less interested in this stuff if they tried (and that's being polite). Suggest you take this somewhere else.
There was a fatty at work who told me it was the truth and I should watch it and be convinced.

He's been off sick for the last 3 months so not been able to discuss it with him......

Mr Happy

Yeah, I watched the movie via the link and whilst there are some reasonable questions (specifically WTC building 7) the conclusions are a leap and a jump beyond reasonable.

Obviously world religion is about control and power - they appeared during a time when there was no option but king's rule and I've no doubt that if there is a god, he will be weeping tears at the corruption of the religions.

As for the WTC's being blown - rollocks.

As for the world financial markets trying to manage the world, well, some truth in that but not in the organised way that is explained. The whole Federal thing is a big issue for American independent guns are our right lets-blow-up-an-FBI-building crowd..

Interesting to note that every bad thing that has happened to the US (Pearl, Oaklahoma, WTC 93 and WTC 01 are all inside job conspiracies..

I also noted plenty of taking out of context and adding the interviews in such a way that the experts are clearing all agreeing.. Did you notice the experts were jammed in with the conspiricists (sp) so that you don't notice who is telling the fact and who is layering on the manure?

Fairly slick work, Hitler would have been proud of anything this good in the thirties against the Jews..


Amazed you watched it. I managed about seven minutes of it before I got seriously bored with it. Hats off to you!
i must say that was about as interesting and entertaining as having an electric egg whisk shoved up my hoop.

i didn't even get past the crappy intro bit!

Mr Happy

well I listened to it via headphones in the office and clicked on to the screen whenever the words "as you can see" were heard. So I missed plenty of graphics but I don't need to see the WTC come crashing down 100 times in an hour to know what I saw then and everytime since.

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