Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by monkeyfcuk, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. will i need to wear my tin foil hat ?
  2. Not at all mate it just shows how people that are in a "position of power" really aren't the ones pulling the strings! to much evidence for it not to be real!
  3. Watched it ages ago whilst on exercise....

    ....It is utter sh1t and seriously veers in to tin foil hat territory.
  4. A lot of supporting evidence though i thought i'm not starting a debate on it just would like to see what other service men and women think

  5. a very large one!
  6. Thats its conspiracy drivel based on a framework of a few facts to give the whole thing credibility. Its been around for years so sure if you do a search on the forum it will have already been discussed to death before...


  7. A lot of conjecture you mean!

    The world isn't fecked up because a new world order planned it that way, the implicated morons aren't that clever for a start. It's fecked up because a lot of small people, influential in their own little ponds set out to make themselves wealthier, they lever influence to match their agenda and the big wheel of chaos churns on regardless of their will and unforeseen consequence.
  8. ...so all I have to do is watch this 122 minute film and then I'll be profoundly aware of all the shady secrets behind organised religion, governments and the banking system, or rather, control-control-control?

    Forgive me but I'm dubious, not least because I imagine this film probably fails to tackle the 'Jewish conspiracy'. Ooooooooo...
  9. Watch it MonkeyHanger or you'll find yourself on a one-way trip to Bohemian Grove whistling 'Begone Dull Care'!... :wink:

    Does UK sport as many 'Owl' shaped buildings as the old US?. .. 8)


    Now turn the PC off and get back to work
  10. I think you'll get more wisdom from Alvin and the Chipmunks than this lot of sanctimonious psycho-babble.

    Comfort food for weak-minded Tinfoil Hat wearers.
  11. And remember, the CIA really did blow the WTC up with a new exotic thermite charge.... no really they did.
  12. I watched this yonks ago and found it a very interesting filum. While parts of if are definitely in GS-shovel-of-salt territory, it does throw up a lot of highly intriguing questions.

    If anybody asked me, I'd say take the time out to view it.

  13. I watched a load of truthers have their "theories" systematically get debunked by scientific tests done by that well known right wing think tank the National Geographic channel.

    One fella was watching a piece of load bearing steel get softened by a Kerosene fire to the point where it failed to hold the load after 5 minutes. His response (before they ran the clip) - "Ah, I see they are using an isolated piece of steel".
    Well - YES! What did you expect - the World trade centre to be reconstructed, then set fire to?

    Their latest Grand Scheme is that all of the planes at WTC and pentagon (if you accept there was a plane at all) were empty pilotless drones. The passengers had been transferred at some secret location and all piled on board the one that was shot down over Pennsylvania.

    Absolute Madness.