Zeigeuner Sauce.

I have a couple of thin turkey steaks lurking next to Maddy in the ol' chest freezer.I plan on serving them up with a nice wine but I need one thing.

A good recipy for Zeigeuner Sauce.

Anyone know of any?

red, orange or yellow peppers, sliced
2 tsp. sweet paprika,
1 - 2 tsp. hot paprika
1/4 pt chicken stock
tin of chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
Salt and pepper to taste

saute onions garlic and peppers
add everything else
reduce to half volume

Thats my mums one anyway!!
Onion chopped
Chilli pepers
tin of smashed tomatos
2 cloves of garlic
2-4 tbl spoons of good Paprika, I use the smoked,
2tbl spoons hot paprika or Chilli powder
some runny honey
salt and peper to taste
Or just buy it ready made from the likes of Knorr.

Btw, it's spelt Zigeuner, which means gypsy and that was a jfyi. ;)
bigbird67 said:
tropper66 said:
2-4 tbl spoons of good Paprika, I use the smoked,
oooh yes....smoked paprika is gorgeous!!
just mix it with honey and Ill eat it with a spoon
If you look for ARRSe user "Skintboymike" (he appears in the cookery forum now and then, search a few existing threads) he has good recipes for both Zigeuner and Jaeger sauces... I think his other half is German.

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