Zeebrugge Raid

Watched a programme at late o'clock last night about this "raid" in WW1. 200 killed, just the 8 VCs..

What on earth went through the mind of the man who came up with this idea? "Right, chaps, We're going to sail up to a Hun port, land Marines and Matelots on the Mole and then sink three blockships to stop the dratted U boats getting into the North Sea. We'll pick up the crews by motor launc h and be back in Blighty for tea. Who fancies a go??"

Incredible - if this was written as a story today it would be dismissed as Boys Own drivel.

Except it happened.

Who Dares ... takes casualties. But by & large it worked !.

As I recall, the only naff bit was the height difference between the mole and the ships landing the Marines was misjudged. The delay caused many of the casualties.
Zeebrugge Raid.

There were nearly 200 British dead and a larger number wounded. The operation is noted for its examples of individual heroism, with as many as eight VCs being awarded. It provided a much needed boost to British morale even if at best it had been no more than a partial success.

An Illustrated Companion to the First World War by Anthony Bruce
yep , reading about the St. Nazaire raid at the moment , absolute balls of steel ... two commando officers were calmly showing the germans around the Cambletown knowing it was due to go up any minute ... when it did.
and out on the motor launches , one of them took on a German destroyer "Jaguar" with machine guns (as you do) and the bloke on the front guns (an Engineer sergeant by the name of Tom Durrant ) carried on firing on the German ship despite being hit 25 times!! so impressing the captain of the German ship , that it was his report to British officers in hospital that led to Tom winning one of the V.C.'s awarded on this raid.

stirring stuff.


Reading things like this makes me realise that futile gestures are what the British military does best :cry:
chickenpunk said:
Reading things like this makes me realise that futile gestures are what the British military does best :cry:
The French Foreign Legion do a halfway decent job of that, despite being commanded by surrender monkeys. Camerone, Dien Bien Phu, Algeria.
If I remember correctly the Zeebrugge raid was also one of the VERY few occasions where Victoria Crosses were awarded by a ballot.
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