Zeebrugge raid

Hello chaps, anyone here with a knowledge of/interest in the Zeebrugge raid or can anyone point me in the direction of somone who would be. There is a piece of history in my family relating to the memorial and I would like to find out a bit more about it.

In Dover we have the Zeebrugge bell and many of the dead are buried in Dover, We have a parade on st Georges day every day next week i will contact some local historians and get some info to you.
In short i'm looking at the building of the original memorial in Zebrugge (which was destroyed by the germans) and the role Thomas Nightingale Oxley played in this. At the moment I'm working on second hand infomation about a family heirloom in relation to this.
The Zebrugge Raid took place 100 years ago today, 23rd April. The attack began at one minute past midnight and immediately ran into heavy opposition. 227 men were killed and 356 wounded.

More information here:

Zeebrugge Raid - Wikipedia


HMS Vindictive at Dover after the attack.
The mersey ferry of the time was involved. Delivering the landing force direct on the wall - handy ship to have with its wide passenger landing gates.
There is a permanent display on one of the current boats & also in the nearby maritime museum - thats worth a visit anyway.
Wasn't that the time when the RN built a home made flamethower and turned it on a German Destroyer. I seem to recall something on that, which I scribbled an article on many moons ago.

Just looked up my article, Christ I'd forgotten how mad it was. With stuff like HMS C3 ramming the viaduct and Augustus Agar (Won a VC in 1920 for sinking a battle cruiser) charging about in his coastal motor boat.

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