Ze Oktoberfest

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by smudge67, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Starts this weekend in Munich. Any ARRSEers going? There's a group of us going over, and meeting a few mates there. Much pishing it up!

    Whilst I'm on the subject, I am an Oktoberfest virgin...and any does/don'ts/suggestions welcome.
  2. Hi Smudge

    I,m going down there on Friday.

    It all kicks off at 12pm Saturday when the mayor taps the 1st barrell.

    I went last year and it was impossible to get into a tent on Saturday. Sunday morning a group of about 8 of us got into a tent with no problem.

    Saturday we went to the Hofbrauhaus in the town centre same atmosphere as the tents so well recomended.
  3. We're travelling down on Friday also, coming back on Monday. Is there not drinking stalls outside the tents if we can't get in one? If not then you may well see me in the Hofbrauhaus! Will have my potato head badge on, and probably a rugby shirt of some description.
  4. this friday?! i will be there then if it is!
  5. It starts on Saturday.
  6. Smudge

    cant say I noticed any drinking stalls outside the tents. The tent are massive hold up to 3/4 thousand at a time.

    There are plenty of bier gartens in Munich. Englischer Gardens and Augustiner are both pretty good.
  7. Ok. Is it worth going on the saturday to try and get in a tent, or just leave it til the Sunday? Someone told me to get there early, but I'd rather not waste 3 hours waiting around to not get in somewhere!
  8. You could try to get into a tent. There is always the fun fare and bratty stands etc. If weather is nice thare is a grass bank you can sit on with a few cans and just watch all the girlies in the Dirndls.
  9. Sod that! I'm going for a beerfest! I intend to get leathered :)

    I'm looking forward to my 1st gyros pitta mit mayo in a long time!

    I'll give the tents a go, if that's a no-go then I'll trundle off to the hofbrau place you suggested. If you see me (I'll have Smudge, or Prince Albert) on the back of my rugby shirt then feel free to pop over for a drink.
  10. Seconded, The Hofbrauhaus is really good. :D
  11. Well I think you are all a bunch of arrseholes.

    The Oktoberfest is on for over three weeks, this Saturday is the Help for Heroes Charity Rugby Match at Twickenham, you should all be going there to support your fellow Servicemen and Women (and get mightily wankered).

    Munich's Beirfest won't go away, it'll still be there next weekend and the weekend after.

    Where do your loyalties lie?
  12. I have paid to go to a H4H charity dinner night, at epsom racecourse. 10 of us at £65 a head, next month. God knows how much I'll blow on the chairty auction at the end. So wind your neck in, this weekend has been planned for over a year, with friends from around the globe meeting up for ale.

    I'm not cancelling this weekend for the world.
  13. Nice sentiment Mitch, but you're way out of order on that one.