Ze Germans wear protest badges in Afghan...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yeoman_dai, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, 'cause I haven't got a Scooby, are the troops that Sausage Land send there their "professional" Army or their "conscript" Army?

    The latter I could understand.
  2. Interesting indeed, but in spite of your heading, the source story makes it clear that:
  3. Hell of a thing if our boys and girls started to sport "I FIGHT FOR BROWN"

    (Could this be the catalyst that starts the revolution) ?????
  4. They are pros and volunteers.
  5. true hackle, true, but who lets the truth get in the way of good title!

    Actually, the thrust of the article, about general anti-war feeling in Germany and the Bundeswher I think deserves more attention.

    (Christ I am the Sun! - I feel so dirty :( )
  6. Must admit that it surprises me then. The volunteer Streitkrafte I met in sausage land (all be it nearly 18 years ago) came over as consummate professionals with a touch of the SS about them.

    Derogatory tour Tshirts and flash cards I could understand (en par with our lot), but a flash sewn on to the day to day uniform? I detect a bit of journo BS there.
  7. Quite likely journo BS as you say, since as Hackle pointed out the command are hot on it. Still, such signs of disquiet in the Sausage ranks probably means that the level of frustration is worth writing about.
  8. Anyone else wondering why the badges are in English?
  9. I was a little surprised but then not surprised since English is still the language of 'cool' in lots of places, and especially in places where they speak it well. Being German they probably thought about making the point intelligible to all those non-Germans they might come across too.
  10. Makes sense really, they are looking for a larger audience.
  11. Journalist probably saw a troopie buying one and jumped to conclusions...
  12. not surprised if they are in English - every bastard polo or tee shirt I had to buy in Munich whilst gestrandet had some cod Yank/English message on it!
  13. Poor show; the t-shirts with the Waffen SS Panzer Regiment insignia and "Grandfather never made it this far East" were MUCH cooler. 8) :twisted:
  14. I'm still looking out for that banned one of the burning oil tankers, two F-15s and the message in German saying "stealing is naughty" or words to that effect.

    If anyone can help me out with an image/steer....