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Ze Chermans. What do they eat?


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We have Chermans round for dinner at the weekend and I am at a loss to cook for them. My limited experience of Chermany is shooting through the place on my way to somewhere more interesting.

They appear to like sausages and sauerkraut and mild mustard. But sausages and rotten cabbage lacks a certain je ne sais quoi in my view.

Do they eat potatoes? Horses? Any help welcome from anybody who has spent time among them.


Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding mit colemans mustard and roast potatoes, if the Hun doesn't like it just remind him who won.


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Yeah. Last time the bastards were over we took them to the Battlesteads pub for Sunday lunch. It's a help yourself buffet and they all kept going back for Yorkshire puds and gravy. It was embarrassing. This time they are getting tinned sausages and pickles. It is what they are used to after all.
Pizza, they had some massive ovens in the 40's


Or really mahoosive Hovis??
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in my time everything you ordered came with kartoffel salad..utter shyte imho
on the upside ,very little cooking involved. hope that helps? biffa.