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War Hero
How come this site seems to be occupied by only a handful of AAC chaps and some people who obviously have far too much time on their hands all through the night?
Is it the wonder drug that enables you to understand TLA's (Three letter abbreviations). No, obviously not, it has four....Good try though!! ???
Don't want to be a pain CMT seeing as you are a Skygod and all that, but TLA is a TLA for 'three letter acronym'... and don't the army like them.

Z & Q Codes can also be called a form of TLA as they aren't really codes...... oh dear, I said the 'C' word twice... I hope nobody from the green slime noticed.


oh my rip....an infantryman now for many moons, yet those long-gone days as a green-tab in Vimy Bks still haunt me.  Could be worse.....could be Batco........ :-[

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