Zavvi gift vouchers worthless??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Mrs B. call to tell me that No.2 son wobbled off this morning to use some Zavvi gift vouchers he had left over from birthday a few months back.

    Told to bugger off: "worthless" and "need to claim against administrator" say mongs behind counter.

    True or false? If Zavvi (i.e a bit of Zavvi that continue to trade in Administration) actually issued them I would have though that is BS. If somebody else did then could be difficult.

    Anybody know the position? Must be a fair number of those in Christmas cards....
  2. From the zavvi site, hope it is of use:


    Can I redeem a zavvi store gift card online?

    Customer Service Message

    Attached Files:

  3. The gift vouchers were bought in store so that appears to makes them OK but I now understand there is some technicality which means that an Administrator does not have to honour gift voucher things, although they might.

    If not, only hope is if they were paid for by credit card and the person who bought them can seek recourse from the CC provider.

    GRRRR!! :x
  4. Blogg, Rockapes quote asks exactly what your asking. Can store bought vouchers still be used in store, the answer is yes.

    Tell No.2 son to go back with a print out of the link posted by Rockape and hand it to the same sod that fobbed him off.
  5. Check the date on the store notification - 17/12/08 prior to Administration and only refers to the difficulty with its suppliers. It is not a message from the Administrators.

    Legally they should honour the vouchers, as cash has already been paid into the company, and you should be able to exchange them for goods within the store.
  6. The customer services number given to my son and others (0845 2593179) turns out to be a fax machine.

    I think the vouchers are valid because they were issued by a company which continues to trade in administration. Were the company insolvent then would be an unsecured creditor and stuffed.

    Found this:

    "A Zavvi spokesman denied that the decision indicated the retailer faced administration." (who looks like a total cnut now, eh??)

    He said: "We have stopped issuing gift vouchers in the unlikely event of anything happening to us. We have also ring-fenced an amount of money to protect our customers [who have bought gift vouchers]."
  7. Surely a shop would have to honour gift vouchers, the goods have already been paid for, just not chosen.

    That would be like taking a cd to the counter, paying for it and getting told you can't have the cd
  8. I have the answer now and it really sucks for anyone who bought the vouchers before 27 November.

    I have a Zavvi gift voucher, can I redeem it?

    It is expected that all customers who purchased zavvi gift vouchers from zavvi stores from 27 November 2008 will receive a full refund in respect of the unredeemed value of the gift vouchers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for vouchers to be redeemed in stores.

    All customers who have unredeemed vouchers acquired since 27 November 2008 should write to the Joint Administrators at the following address, quoting their voucher number(s), enclosing the original voucher(s) and quoting their full name and address for return correspondence:

    zavvi Vouchers
    c/o The Joint Administrators of zavvi Group
    Ernst & Young LLP
    100 Barbirolli Square
    M2 3EY

    We recommend that customers keep a copy of vouchers for their records.

    Regrettably, it will not be possible to refund vouchers acquired prior to 27 November 2008. Customers with unredeemed vouchers acquired prior to 27 November 2008 should write to the Joint Administrators at the above address, asking for their claim to be registered as an unsecured claim.

    Please note, due to the large volumes of vouchers that are currently outstanding it is not possible to discuss individual customer queries in person at this stage.
  9. Certainly the Woolies gift Vouchers became worthless the day they called in the receivers and you had to send them back to be added to a very long list of creditors.
  10. If they still refuse to honour it, threaten to walk off with an equivalent value of stuff from their store...and then carry out said threat.
  11.'s a good one, under trading standards if you are asked for an amount and you have the said value in 1p's and the store refuse to take them you can take the item for the value they are willing to take (i know this as i had about 14 little pricks do it at my old mans stroe, new games for £30 all in 1p's, funny cnuts! and we just smiled and took them as if we'd honoured the notice saying we only excpet £5 in copper's then thats all they would have to pay) so surely that gift voucher is shop determined legal tender...??

    so offer it up, they refuse you walk out. you have offered to pay but they have refused so it is their problem...
  12. Then get arrested for theft. Great advice.
  13. Just don´t buy gift vouchers....

    Either buy a proper gift, or give the cash.
  14. I think what you have is something akin to a debt, and an unsecured debt as well. In summary, you have to join the queue of creditors and then only after they have had first dips.

    Gift vouchers are silly. It is worst than lending people money at 0% interest.
  15. What the feck is Zavvi?