Zarqawis Death and Task Force 145

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I posted this article because this is the first article I have seen that mentions a British involvement in Task Force 145
  2. This topic should probably be deleted due to OPSEC.
  3. Nah, its all open source material.

    I just saw a piece on ABC News tonight that mentioned UK involvement in Task Force 145.

    Supposedly its being renamed anyway due to all the exposure its been getting.
  4. TF 145 has other missions. Even though there is some open source material regarding the unit, I dont feel its wise to discuss 145 in any detail. Just my view.
  5. Hollywood have drafted the scripted for the film............. :wink:
  6. Oh get a life you sad muppet!!! No-one from TF145 or 'in the know' is putting up 'and here's where we're going to banjo downtown BD tonight...' are they?
  7. TF Black is currently a SBS Squadron rather that SAS though, they are on a 12 month tour, and then will hand over to the swim test failures....
  8. Agree that this is not the place to be discussing the alleged involvement of SF in Iraq. Mods - can we lock or selectively edit certain posts please?
  9. I kinda find this a grey area, if it's on TV then it can hardly be PERSEC, don't get me wrong..

    But it's a little bit over-board if the TV are shooting there mouths off, and we cannot talk about it..
  10. Delete this thread straightaway, in case it spawns a new generation of walts calling themselves "Task Force 146"!
  11. Task force 146 is drawn almost entirely from 24 SAS (Editorial Support Regiment) consisting of a combat stenography Squadron a literary agent squadron and the elite Ghostwriter Troop.

  12. Yeah, i'm bezzies with Steno Pete, he can have your eye out with a 2HB pencil at 100 paces whilst changing a coffee filter and whistling dixie!
  13. I'm looking to join the "task force 146" BB gun team, anyone with me!

  14. Was that the same Steno Pete who took the commander of 49 Para's dictation during the beach landings at Goose Green in the war of 84?