Zarqawi survived initial strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Booty, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. BBC News

    "Ya fcuker", perhaps?
  2. "Bugger"

    Still it shows the decency of the Iraqi police force to lay him on a stretcher, which I assume implies that had he not died he would have been taken to hospital. That is much more than the man deserved and much more than he himself would have given to others.
  3. Good - he at least knew he was going to die and suffered a bit. A man like him does not deserve painless instant oblivion.
  4. Serves the fcuker right....Hopefully, it hurt. A lot.

  5. Or much more likely...

    "Hah! Missed again!"

    Followed immediately by....

    "No...please don't shoot me........MUMMY!!!!!"

    Followed by a very loud bang.
  6. Pity he was not in howling pain, and that he was not paraded on TV in howling pain, and then he could have died a painful and undignified death! He gave none of his victims any dignity, and was the worst sort of person the human race has spawned, and his civvie occupation before he became a terrorist? He ran a video rental shop in Jordan! Although, as with any terrorist organisation, when one head of the hydra is cut off, another 3 heads sprout up to take over, its a begining!! Hopefully they will all end up like him, dead as a dodo and paraded on TV, may he burn in hell.
  7. well you never know if the septics got him on video hope he was squealing like a pig
  8. Least he died a nice painfall death, I thought it was rather a shame dieing suddenly in a JDAM strike.
  9. Perhaps that paper article should read: "Zarqawi, who was probably not badly injured at this point, tried to turn off the stretcher and get away. He was "resecured" on the strectcher, with pick helves, baseball bats and spring billies, after which he let out his final words and died :D
  10. I like that thought, I hope that was the case!!
  11. I severly hope that was not the case. I am glad the man is dead, but had he not died he would have seen how our side and those that oppose him treat their captured. It may have opened his eyes to what the 'evil' that he was fighting really was, or he may have just considered us weak.
  12. if i was part of the burial party, i would drop in a pork pie or a bacon rind and do it TV as warning to all muslims insurgents :twisted:
  13. whilst I agree with every word You say Death, I do hope his last words were "What do You mean, there's no virgins???"
  14. whilst I agree with every word You say Death, I do hope his last words were "What do You mean, there's no virgins???"
  15. Hopefully we're not all missing the good news aspect in this news item; he's still fcuking dead the cnut. The likes of him have no place on God's Green Earth. Fcukers. Hope they get everyone like him.

    Or is my view not fcuking PC? Cnuts the lot of them

    I hope he's enjoying his 72 raisons