Zarqawi Is Isolated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, May 2, 2006.

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    US and UK special forces are hot on the trail and will soon catch/kill him. He seem's to be changing tactics to small unit attacks against government facilties, rather than bombings. To accomplish this he must be more visible to be able to recruit enough people for his platoon - company size units. This will make him vulnerable to detection by coalition forces.
  2. I wonder if they are as close to catchinghim as they are to catching Mr Bin Laden?
    Are there any septic elections coming up? this seems to be the type of tripe that starts appearing just before such goings on. :roll:

    so the US are close to catching him and hes the last non Iraqi senior member of AQ left in the country, I wouldnt cheer too much, if this report is to be believed then the insurgents seem to be doing well without the outside help, 72 US servicemen were killed in April!!
    propaganda is all well and good but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  3. the mid terms are coming up arnt they?

    dont worry, if they dont catch him they will go for the bombing of Iran instead.
  4. Old general about his young wife: '3 times I almost did and she is almost pregnant'.
  5. We've heard it all before; umpteen times in the past 3 years. The body count may be high, but nearly is NOT good enough!

    Text here:
  6. Does this mean that he is gaining in strength and confidence, able to put larger units into the field and making the \transition to a more conventional war fighting stratergy, seems to me he thinks he is winning.

  7. Utter garbage.
  8. Why is it garbage?

    If he is planning on staging more attacks in strength (platoon-company), then compared to small team missions (suicide bombing), he (or his close associates) must risk increased exposure to new and incoming 'recruits'. Therefore, there is a greater chance that the coalition could plant an agent, or turn an existing recruit into a tout, leading to important hum-int on Zarqawi's actions or whereabouts.
  9. Really? So the CoC in this organisation isn't devolved and compartmentalised with safety layers in between?

    Recruiting is happening by word of mouth , not 0800-ZarqawiJihad. If he is planning Platoon to Coy sized attacks, then he can arm, train and finance these operations. If he can do that , it means we are not effective in interdicting his finance or supply lines , are we?

    Why must he become more visible to recruit more followers? His visibilty is right up there now , we're enchancing his reputation with articles like this, which filters back to his target audience. The article implies that he is having trouble gaining recruits, which he isn't. The people he is recruiting, support his twisted idealogy to the extent that they're prepared to kill themselves for it. How are you going to turn one of those? Cash?I would hazard a guess that Zarquawi could probably put in a Battalion sized attack if he wanted to , but he is husbanding his resources.

    Why throw away manpower on a forlorn hope assault , when only one suicide bomber can decimate a convoy or marketplace?

    The statement I highlighted is garbage. It leads to a dangerous complacency , something that categorises a lot of Strategy Page happy-happy-joy-joy we're winning articles.
  10. Did someone copy the G2 Assessment out of the last CENTCOM Operations Order? What a load of TWADDLE. Who writes this bollocks? JK Rowling? :x

    Labrookes are offering similar odds on Satan having to go to work on a snowplough tomorrow. Get in while you can. (By the way this is actually a technique taught at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government about probing presumptions when making decisions and forming plans- stop and ask yourself how much of your own money would you bet on your presumption being right.)

    Even if he was, what difference would it make? Will the insurgency will be over? I seem to recall a similar premise being floated around in late 2003 about a certain S. Hussein Esq. Remind me again, how did that turn out?

    DigitalGeek, T6, I am told, is a recently retired General hossifer don't yew know. It's downright impertinent to question his omniscience. How dare you, Sir!
  12. PTP, don't confuse StrategyPage (grade A BS) with Stratfor, a totally seperate outfit.