Zara to marry mike tindall

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chimera, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  2. cannot see a bank holiday for this one alas.
  3. Unless they get "OK! Magazine" to front up the costs.
  4. Tindall's only 32?!?! He's also punching well above his weight. Good effort!
  5. Why have you been waiting years for a Royal Wedding? You can't be that desperate for an extra bank hol surely.
  6. Wonder what he sees in her!

  7. Oh dear, oh dear!

    A bit of broken nose rough!

    Thankfully, any progeny of this liaison will be so far from the Throne, that we shall never notice.
  8. i can see a couple of points that raise some intrest
  9. There's an ex-RA subby who rooted around in her back box a few years ago.He went on a Royal family holiday abroad with her where he was ceremoniously dumped. He had to reside in the poolside bungalow until his flight back to UK. He used the time to nail various dusky birds and taste their tang, all under the noses of Royal Protection. He also admitted that she was quite dirty for a bint of royal blood and that she adored having her back eye rimmed.
  10. you sir are my new hero
  11. She truly is top class filth and I'm gutted! Has he got his licence back yet?
  12. I wasn't the one who tasted her pooey honey. There's a very posh, P Coy failing, Cambridge graduate with huge spots on his back who deserves your adulation.
  13. I know but you putting that mental image into my head makes you my new hero