Zara Phillips wins SPOTY

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. a few crucial differences.......
  2. She has had a good deal of success in her own right so well done to her. None of the nominees had anything like the amazing record of success of this man

    Of course he couldn't be allowed to win, he's a shooter!
  3. Good for Her
  4. I personally thought she was "amazing"
  5. Beth Tweedle and Nicole Cooke won REAL sports, open to all. Beth should be given sports ACHIEVER of the year. Zara is lovely, but has been spoon fed her prize. Golf is NOT a sport
  6. I was a little sceptical that the Sunday Times did a piece on Zara Phillips today along with a full page Land Rover advert.
    Don't get me wrong I think she is a bit of a honey, but did the article help her in anyway tonight?

    Which reminds me, I missed the first part of the awards, did Mike Gault the pistol shooter win anything, was he interviewed?
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Try eventing for yourself at that level and then make a judgement,
    you are spouting tosh.
  8. Zara has had to work extremely hard to achieve the successes that she has had.

    Well done to her, she deserves it.
  9. Joe Calzhagie has been a world champion for 9 Years, and still doesnt get in the top 3!!!

    Thats what happens when you let people have a say!
  10. Good for her. She not only has to work hard on herself, but has to make sure the horse stays fit and peaks at the right time too. And only one of three to hold European and World titles at the same time. Brilliant.
  11. Well done Zara. She earned the award in her own right as a sportsman. No amount of patronage (Royal or other) is a substitute for the talent, commitment and sheer hard work that this young lady has given to the sport. She has brought kudos to the UK through her performance both as an individual and as a team-member. Her award does not discredit the performance of the other fine sportsmen who were contenders.
  12. Can I quote you there!![/quote]

    Be my guest Wija. I utterly refuse to descend to the PC’ism of sportsperson and as SPOTY is open to both male and female I stand by the established English usage of sportsman. I find personality equally trite.!

  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Utter nonsense !
    She got it because of a Masonic conpiracy, and you know it.
  14. Fair play to her. It is good to see a winner from a so called non mainstream sport. And at least she was able to string a sentence together for her acceptance speech. She won it through hard work and talent. Not because her spouse died. Hard I know, but if Darren Clarkes wife was still alive, he wouldn't have been in the frame.