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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Porridge_gun, Jul 8, 2003.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do they still exist, are there any in far and wide places.

    Ones Ive seen, 652 frog on Rita's till on Coronation St

    same on tourbus at Niagra falls, same on turnstyle at Disneyland, on nearly all Ausfahrt signs on Route 2.

    Legend has it that there is even one on one of the apollo rockets at the NASA museum.

    I recall a senior crab officer going batsh£t when his shiney F3s at leeming where graced with the 9 regt calling card in the middle of an airmobile excercise ;D
  2. Last one spotted was the day-glo frog, seen in Chorlton Street bus depot in Manchester two years ago, attached to the back of a National Express coach to Glasgow.  I thought to myself 'nar, it couldn't be'........

    Flying to Dallop in '88 in a German Jolly Green Giant.  Frog was firmly stuck to the back door window by one of the passengers.  One irate German crewman later seen trying to scrape the frog off !!

    We tried a new one at 657 within the FARP on exercise.  It consisted of nakid wimen cut out of magazines like Razzle, etc and stuck onto small pieces of credit card sized pieces of card.  These would be handed out to cabs that came and used the FARP, including crabs.  I handed my first one out and then I was systematically ripped apart from the SNCO pilot for peddling filth !!  To this day I don't know if he was kidding, but it sure seemed like a bolloccking.
  3. Queens flight Wessex stopped off in germany several years ago. That went down well!
  4. Got some good pics of frogs all over a US Psy Ops HUMMVEE, in the beach with no sea. (a new zap on a different bit of the wagon, one every day almost...) the spams just couldnt get it...... ::)

    shame it was gay frogs not mighty maple leaves......

    3 Regt needs a good zap, any ideas? ;D
  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whilst 652 where the one of the poofiest squadrons thier zap sticker is world famous.

    On departure to Granby from Ramstein the aircraft next to our C-5 was a USAF C-141 Starlifter, with a zap sticker 60ft high on its tailplane ;D

    Raised the question, how the f**k did that get there..
  6. 656 Sqn, Nanyuki, Kenya 1984.  Professionaly produced black, square stickers with gold lynx and gazelle emblazoned thereon in the form of cartoon monsters.
    Everyone in the detatchment had a roll of these zaps !
    Ceiling of the Sportsman's was covered and that was at 18ft. above the floor !
    Crew of vc10 got very upset and were attempting to remove one from left of door minutes prior to take off. "It'll go straight into the engine....."

      Gracie,      lovely tall lady but Nah, not me mate
  7. Nor me, although I did buy her a beer!  I hear she is brown bread now....AIDS maybe.....
  8. Ah well, another AAC icon gone !

    "hey Johnny, you buy my sister "
  9. Port Stanley circa 1985, two Crewmen (one from the Royal Artillery and one from the Royal Military Police) zapped a Hercules with "Fly Army" four foot high letters on the belly.   The first the crew knew was when the Phantoms couldn't hold their aircraft steady for Air-to Air refuelling because they were laughing too hard!   Skippers name was Sqn Ldr Barr, one of the most anally retentive men I have ever come accross and no, he did not get the joke.   Fortunately, the CBF of the day, AVM Kip Kemble did and we got off with a bollocking with a wry smile.   One of many close calls in those days.
  10. Sloppy Link,

    BT, DT.  IntSAR 1972 (or 73?) at RNAS Lee on Solent, during the last night's drinks we zapped the belly of one RAF Whirlwind with "Fly Navy".

    One Whirlwind went off with the F700's, the other led a pair of USAF Huskies on a PR flight down the Thames.  Front page of the Express the next morning was worth framing  ;D
  11. And this was the result...... 8)

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  12. The Radio Luxemburg studios got zapped by three Reme lads from 660 Sqn, ooh, let's see, waay back in the early 70's. 8)
    If I remember correctly it was a boring round effort with a Gazelle on it. :roll:
  13. What happened to the 'red mouse' of 653?
  14. ah singing loop, wonder who u r then???? at least we had somethin to zap the spams with, apart from your tounges on their @sses!!!! got the photos ref the....... will send ya them when i get them scanned in!