Zap no Patches

Can anyone help?

i've seen a few guys with patches on there kit, with their zap no, blood group and a union jack on, i've been trying to find out where i could get some made up but with no luck.

does anybody know where you get them from or get them made?

thank you for you help.


In 1983 we had to turn in our combat jackets to the tailors so they could sew a white strip on the inside of the button flap on your combat jacket. We then wrote our own zap and blood groups in permanent pen also provided by the firm. No cost at all!
I know of a little place that'll do em for one/fifty. that includes velcro backing. All ya gotta do is get to the terminal at Kabul Airport ! They'll be ready in two days once ordered !
Don't the jinglies make them for you once you're "over there"? They will is Basra. Or at least they did in 2006.
The jinglie tailors over here do them for $5. You get rank,name,blood group and zap number on. They even throw in a desert dpm union flag for free. :)

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