Zanzibar - vaccinations

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Help! Has anyone been to Zanzibar/Pemba who can advise on whether vaccinations and malaria prevention is needed?

    I have been told everything from 'It's not a high risk area so don't bother' to you need vaccinations for Yellow Fever, Hep A, Typhoid plus anti-Polio and malaria tablets. Some internet sites suggest that even travellers from non-infected countries must provide a YF vaccination certificate to enter.

    Any help confirming or debunking any of this would be hugely appreciated please.

  2. You're a civvy. Ask your G.P.
    p.s. Does anyone know what vaccinations I need for my trip to Saturn this Xmas?
  3. I think you'll find plenty of civvy discussions on here, including a civvy providing help to serving personnel on finance matters. Next!
  4. O.K. Let's start again. So you posted to brag about your holiday? Are you getting real jabs or cyber-jabs? Every response you receive to your query will differ. Where will you be getting the jabs? See your G.P.
  5. I went there in 2002. The sate of play them was that there were no required vaccinations unless you were coming from a yellow fever area, in which case you would need a vaccination certificate. Nobody checked that I had one at immigration though.

    Having said that, although its not required by the Tanzanian authorities it’s certainly wise to make sure you are up to speed with vaccinations for hep-A, typhoid, yellow fever and polio. Zanzibar is a malarial area, to take anti-malarial tablets.
  6. My advice is to forget the jabs and just keep the alcohol levels in your blood to high to contract any diseases. 8)
  7. Zanzibar, hmmm very nice FS, do you need a bearer? :wink:

    Required innoculations are as follows:-

    Yellow fever
    Hepatitus A and B
    And of course, malaria tablets, although consuming prodigious volumes of G&T may just see you right.
    Oh yes, avoid any, ahem "romance" with the locals.
  8. Yellow fever is the only one required at the immigration desk, as far as I'm aware (they once got me because I'd had the jab 23 hours prior to having my chit inspected, and the rule says that it must be administered 24 hours before landing in country. That cost me an 'administrative fee' of $50 rather than get back on the plane).
    Nothing does much to protect you against the local plasmodium falciparum, although you could use doxycycline and optimism. If you're only going for a couple of weeks, follow all the irritating guidelines about covering up, anti-mozzie sprays etc. Take some Halfan or quinine with you just in case. Use Lariam (mefloquine) at your peril - it gives me suicidal depression, and a friend was bedridden for five years after taking it for a couple of weeks in the mid 90s.
  9. FS, went there in september. they bang on about having a yellow fever certificate, but ours were never inspected. as for malaria - depends which end of the country you're going to. guy next door to us caught it in kenya despite being on malarone. if you're going to the southeast part, they havent had a case of malaria actually bitten / contracted there in years.

    the rest of the vaccinations are common sense, as listed above. but no further local info from being out there - no disease seemed to be especially prevalent.

    PM me if you want any info. especially if you're going to Breezes :)

    main problem you will have is the shits. i had one normal day out there - the rest ranging from slightly uncomfortable, to "don't go too far from the bog" on one day. but the amazing food makes it worth it.