ZanuNL unravelling - Labour considers suicide election

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. HERE
    :roll: ... a successful mass suicide attempt by the government might well improve the morale of the nation.
  2. I think that Brown will call an election if it looks as though he is going to be depose. He has waited so long for the top job that it will be hard to admit that he can't do it (although Bliar may have been under pressure if he was still i/c but he knew when to go) and since he is such a vindictive person he will want to take a few down with him.
  3. Outfookinstanding
    The sooner the bufoon is out of office the better for the country. If he is allowed to stay another two years the damage he will inflict will be a disaster.
    Better he is ousted now while there is some hope of salvaging the nation.
  4. Get the wine.
  5. How very noble of them, to consider falling on there swords. Certainly would inprove my moral. However i think that the party realise its going to get worse they cannot fix it or the nation, and want someone else in the driving seat to blame.

    Proving that there is no honour amongst thieves, or much of labour.
  6. It reminds me of an old episode of the new statesmen with Rik Mayall as a tory MP. Labour are pretty much dead and buried and can't win, the Tories are in the driving seat but won't want to be in charge whilst the country goes into a recession and the Lib Dems weren't really being serious about wanting to run the country :lol:
  7. Hmm Jack Straw. There's a choice of 'stopgap'. A simple one-for-one exchange of one tw@t for another usless and inept mong. I would've had my money on one of the evil Miliband twins for a fresh ZANULabour fuhrer. The sad thing is that CMD is incapable of any better.
  8. Cyclops must stay and for as long as possible.

    Labour know they would lose an election this autumn but the party would survive and Cameron would have to deal with Browns economic chickens that will be coming home to roost over the next two years.

    An election in 2 years time and Labour will be annihilated electorally to such an extent that the party will die. The Lib Dems will be the opposition.

    The down side will be Labour's scorched earth policy and running up a massive debt to hand over to the conservatives. But that too may have a positive outcome - the end of the welfare state in its current form.
  9. Now if they were all going to commit suicide they could do it publically and sell tickets , no need for stealth taxes then. I feel certain most of the country would be willing to pay to see the bastards diving on their swords
  10. 2 years if they went tomorrow the scorched earth they have left on top of the credit crunch which has yet to reach its peak! IMHO.

    They want out big time even if santa gave One Eye a big fat credit line it wont stop the recesion hiting us. the whole global economic situation is slightly 8O out of kilter to say the least.

    The amount of bad debt that has been sold resold and then under writen by both the developed and developing nations is mahoosive.

    One Eye has emptied the cupboards, the state has sold off its strategic assets, and has nothing else to sell and in these times who is going to realy give out anything on the slate. Apart from may be santa :wink:
  11. I certainly agree with the sentiments, but in two years the Army will be down to a Corporal's Guard if Broon has his way. So maybe now is better.
  12. I am in favour of an immediate election. Gordon's current strategy is clearly:

    1.Keep borrowing at an ever increasing rate.

    2.Hand a bankrupt country over to the Conservatives.

    3.Scream “Tory cuts” as the Conservatives struggle under the debt burden.

    4.Rely on a large portion of the electorate being too stupid to understand who got the country into the mess.

    5.Win the election after next, because of the hardship caused by the Conservatives paying off the debt Labour ran up.

    The worrying thing is that this is actually a workable strategy. No sane person voted Labour at the last election, so there are a lot of lunatics out there who could well vote Labour in 7 years time.
  14. Can remember all the same sentiments almost word for word in 95,96
  15. Well nice to see that ministers are under estimating their party's capabilities:

    There most certainly are labour members capable of running the party (and the country) worse, but we certainly don't want to give them the chance. The sooner the whole lot are gone, the better.