ZANU NL Response to the Lisbon Treaty petition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. HERE
    My bold ... and I foolishly thought that the Irish people told them to go f*ck themselves!
  2. The European Soviet Union, the 'Anschluss' for short, does not, repeat NOT, brook disagreement. The whole expensive charade depends and feeds upon ignorance and a total lack of interest. (Name your M.E.P !)

    The sexually deviant traitor Heath, lied to the nation when he asked us to 'join' the 'trading organisation' the EEC all those years ago. He ought, subsequently, to have been arrested and tried for treason. Thereafter he should have suffered the reputed fate of Edward II.

    There has been only one political leader since - Thatcher, M. She saw clearly what the Franco/German axis was up to. She understood the dangers to our hard won freedoms by the Paris/Berlin alliance. Dominance, dominance pure and simple was their aim.

    Since the lady, we have been governed by a 'nice guy', a 'grinning spiv' and a scowling, surly, morose 'know-nothing' thick, spendthrift destroyer of the nation's finances.

    The 'nice guy' remains - just that.

    The 'grinning spiv' had an agenda - well discussed on this site - that is to be President of the European Soviet Union - The Anschluss.

    The 'thicko'? Well, just let us study the by-election results.

    As for the post title, I'm marginally surprised that this bunch of third-raters, currently masquerading as a government, know what the 'Lisbon Treaty' is.

    For their guidance it is a 'busted flush'.

    Sorry, I forgot that voters and democracy are unknown to the faceless, unaccountable, unelected, expense gobbling rubbish ruling us in Brussels.