Zanu Liebour considering scanning every call text and-email

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. HERE
    No real surprise form our Zanu Liebour Marxistgovernment, unfortunately.
    Pity they won't do at least one constructive thing while they are still in :(

    edited to correct spelling in title of thread.
  2. How about just giving that £12 Billon to the defence budget instead? I know I know, shocking idea but there you go.
  3. Another Telegraph scare story? Surely not.

    I think the Government have far better things to spend £12Bn on than this.

    The sheer logistics involved are incredible. How are they going to break into and listen to VoIP encrypted end to end traffic in real time?

    Can anyone see this getting through Parliament or the Lords in it's (Telegraph reported) current form?
  4. They got 42 days through the HoC mate, if they can find the cash/favours/honours for the bribes would you really bet against it?
  5. £12 billion? I'd expect to see that rise! The sheer complexity of doing something like this, added to this Governments shoddy record on publically funded IT projects, should see those costs increase substantially.

    PTP is right about the encrypted data point, that'll probably just give them an excuse to intrude further into your life.

    The amount of data and bandwidth required is absolutely huge - expect to see a 40 foot wide fibre optic cable heading towards Cheltenham.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. New Labour can't even get the email working on the NHS super computer. They're hardly likely to be able to produce the world's biggest database in the next 18 months.

    There was a brief discussion of this proposal in the IT press a few months ago. A few small calculations quickly revealed that no computer hardware or database software exists that could process that volume of data in real time. Even mighty Oracle clusters would balk at thousands of text messages per second.

    Clearly, whatever loon thought this up hasn't even reached the back of a fag packet stage in the design process.

    Why don't they try to get the septics to allow us access to their echelon system?
  7. Throught the HoC - yes, but it returns to the Lords in 9 days time.
  8. Oh they have... they're no loons. I think you'll find the fag packet reads something like:

    "We need money, government are suckers for expensive IT projects, lets sell them an elaborate IT system which can't possibly work"

    How much more planning do you honestly need?
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    And is expected to fail and then be dropped all together.

    I work in the industry and the logistical nightmare of this would be astronomical, never going to happen.
  10. OT but if you work in the industry can you answer me this: Why is the NHS records thing so hard to make work? Isn't it just a collection of 60m excel spreadsheets, all be it with a few frilly bits?
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    parapauk, I should have been clearer, I work in telecomms not IT, apologies.
  12. Simple

    Easy to listen to encrypted stuff when you have the keys.
  13. Agreed that currently it is almost impossible (for the UK). Vodafone and their like already run some of the fastest computers in the world at full stretch supporting their mobile phone networks.

    To concentrate all phones and emails into a single source? The computer hasn't yet been built that could start to handle it, and 12 billion beer tokens wouldn't be enough. Doubtless they have already considered it and so will have a party member on each street equipped with a standard desktop PC through which all phone lines and internet cables will pass. For a small sum (about 25,000k per annum) the party member will be asked to monitor their neighbours' email traffic (and monitor what they watch on cable, etc). Bonuses will be paid for every person they catch using non-words and speaking against the Party or the EU.

    Now where is my replen of tin foil?
  14. Im a telecom guy too, but have experience of government projects. The NHS computer project is so expensive because of "mission creep". They set out to unify the regional systems, then the boundaries change a la government fiddling with the NHS systems, so funding then changes, then requirements change.

    I wouldnt trust this or any government with this much sensitive data. It is one thing to record who I call and when I call someone, similar to email, but totally another to record every email, web search and telephone call mobile or fixed. There are data protection issues on an enormous scale, who would administer the system, who would be able to access the system, who would control access etc.

    This government hardly has a glistening record in data protection

    This is a marxist governments control freakery, everybody is a suspect in Nu Labours eyes, and they would rather control the entire population instead of weeding out the few who are threats to our society. We used to look on the efforts of the stasi before the iron curtain fell with wonderment, now we are prepared to accept this!
  15. No problem, all any scammers or criminals have to do is wait for the obligatory laptop, cd, or dvd to be left on a train, bus taxi etc.

    It the usual way sensitive personal information is controlled these days