Other than 'TCH', 'Bliar' and 'That-Styippit-Wee-Cock-Browne', I can't think of a more appropriate title for this appalling gang of fools and bladder-bouncers in office. Three cheers to whoever it was who first thought of it!

The bleaker side of this is the fact that nobody has publicly given a nickname to any of the more vile members of that Party. The disgusting Smith (Home Office), or the even more repellent Blears, for instance. This situation only speaks for the fear which we now all feel for 'giving offence', brought on by tidal waves of unnecessary and deeply stupid legislation - imposed by socialists, naturally. Resignation and sheer weariness with the buggers and their machinations doesn't help, though. Can anyone imagine what a truly popular -ie true-to-life - expose of Livingstone's nastiness could have achieved in recent years? (Think of him as a KY'd glove-puppet...)

Maybe they're beyond that - nobody really ridiculed Stalin or Mao; but these clowns are on a par with the Mugabes and Mois and Arafats and Ahmadinajads. It's time for a revolution in independent critical thought - satire - in this country. The last harsh word against the swine was a puppet show ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AGO, for God's sake!

Just a thought...

Mugrab is an arrsehole. He needs to go. Worst thing about this whole affair is that he could have lost by ten million votes but he will find a powersharing compromise that will keep him in power long after we all stop caring.

Ask Kenyans.

Even worse, this is not the last time another halfbaked cookie like him will pull the same trick.

Oh, dark continent! Will you ever see the light?
Stand-by for a few 'Mugabe moments' following the London mayoral elections and council elections throughout what remains of the nation.

Twenty applicants for a postal vote from one(!) house in the constituency I've been doing some voluntary work. All with the same surname into the bargain. Banana republic! This government would shame a banana republic.
Liebour have changed their emblem from a rose to a condom as it more accuratley reflects their political stance

A condom allows for rapid inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a pr1ck, and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being f*cked

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