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Z- Type paint

Does any one know what colour the z type accommodation is? as i am moving out of my room and don't want to get billed for the paint when a £1.50 tester pot will do the trick.
its a couple of shades yellow-er than magnolia.
thanks Luke


Did you stage a dirty protest?? How bad is the paint to require a touch up?

Blu-tac marks I assume?


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Why not ask the management what colour they want you to use - that way you will be bullet proof.

I'm in the process of taking down the picture, clocks and mementos, polyfillering the holes covering them over with the magnolia sampler. I hate it. It turns your home into a cold magnolia shell...
so far i have tried magnolia, butter milk, wild primrose, pale citrus and bees wax. All are slightly off. Its all owned by aspire so they wont give us even a sample of paint to get a colour match. ill probably just put the chest of draws there.
Go to a Decorator centre and get some colour charts off them to match the existing, failing that the B&Q type paint palette strips, this is assuming you're in the UK.
I used the colour click and it came up with "Celtic forest 5". I got it in Matt finish and its pretty much bang on for z type walls. Good luck with all your march outs!
Isn't there an iPhone app for just this type of work???

But I'll bet it will be nigh on impossible to match as the painters wil have mixed it on the day from whatever they had to hand!

Many years ago, due to march out from MQ, had very young, very keen WRAF families officer, who contucted march out's. she was fond of picking on the walls, eventualy charging occupants for a complete re paint. Couple of big tubs of magnolia and cheap roller sets from B&Q, boys around from my section, with the promise of beer and curry. One very shiny MQ and One very pissed off WRAF officer.
Haha Luke, we have just moved into z type, it is a nightmare for barrack room damages. My room has a few chips of paint missing where blue tack has wrecked it. Will be interested to hear what paint works

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