Z Type Accomodation & No Accomodation Refund When Away?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane War Hero Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Anyone have more information on the fact that if you're in the new SLAM, you no longer get your accomdation repaid to you when you go away, be it on course, tour, etcetc?
    Some bollocks to do with renting the place.

    Any further info on this? I ask because we got turfed out of our accomodation for a full day whilst the police used it to train in. That strikes me as a bit wrong if I can't get my money back for the place when I'm away, but peeps can storm through the building looking for bad people and I have to stand in the cold waiting for them to finish.

    Cheers for any help.
  2. You'll probably find that accn charges are only refunded when field conditions are granted. You need to check with your Coy HR that field conditions were granted for the period that you were unable to live in your accn.
  3. WTF, where and when?
  4. If you can't reclaim your accomodation you can claim incidental expenses instead, however you have to be away for a full 24 hours I believe.
  5. Surely if all your kit is in your room, then you pay. If you vacate your room and remove all your kit (thereby making it available for use by another), then you don't pay? Or is that too logical for the "system" to cope with?
  6. MrBane

    MrBane War Hero Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The problem with the new SLAM, is you cannot move someone out of their room whilst they're away on tour for example, because of several reasons:

    1: Contracted services to the room (Sky, phone line, internet, etc)
    2: There is no guarantee there will be a room available for them upon return

    We have guys still living in the old accomodation (Condemned!) and if peeps were moved out of SLAM whilst away, they'd end up back in the old blocks. Which apart from being unacceptable, would also be a major arrse around changing which type of accom you lived in over and over again.

    Plus, peeps get sent away at short notice, often less than services require for notice to cancel a contract such as Sky, etc. I believe someone raised the point that if you have a contracted service to your room, then you cannot be moved out of that room until the contract is cancelled or expired, as the army cannot knowingly put you into debt or financial arrears. Some bollocks like that anyway.

    You'd think, but we've been told that no, you simply don't get SLAM accomodation money back. At all. *Blinks*
    Something to do with how you have access to the place whenever you want (Eh?) and how you 'rent' the room now. *Blink*