Z type accomodation for the wrong people!

Get a grip!!

You'll be suggesting prisoners get punished in prison next. :twisted:

They are there to learn a trade (mugging, rape B&E etc). How dare you suggest any form of restriction on their liberty at our expense.

I trust the floors are carpeted with the finest wilton and that the best comfy bum available is provided.

After all, - its only fitting.
god, that really p*sses me off :twisted:
Poor things, :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: 8O
unless I missed the bit about a swimming pool and sauna, cos they might have got them as well, considering what else they have at their disposal :!:

I do like your fresh and ballanced proposal for prison reform.

From the looks of it the bigger/fouler the crime the greater degree of luxury you will be forced to endure! :evil:
One day I will get them in MY guardroom. mmmmmmm
Just goes to show what the Govt thinks of the average tax payer. Why don't they up the speeding fines and then use the cash to build some hotels for the illegals and other sponging parasites in this country.

Actually, instead of paying taxes, why don't the Govt pair up each honest worker with a welfare case. Each month we can have a jolly get together and just hand over our hard earned wages to the poor unfortunate beggar so that they can carry on living comfortably at our expense.

Stinking blood-sucking vermin.......aaaaagh I hate this Country more each day. I can't wait to get out at the earliest opportunity.
Dale The Snail said:
One day I will get them in MY guardroom. mmmmmmm
Of course you will - under the new penal reform code, convicts will be offered the option of prison or military service. Just like the good old days - didn't do Wellington's army any harm.
Might have to bring back floggings though... :( but also the 1/3 pint of rum ration per day :p :p :p
It won't be rum they're after, it'll be wkd and smirnoff ice!

tastes sweeter but won't have the same effects after a lashing with the cat!
Anyone want to try my hot new business plan? I heard there's an old prison in a far away place - mazzery something - that we can pick up cheap. Then a bit of PFI cash and we can outsource the service all these Frankland Customers receive, saving the Treasury oodles. I'm sure there are some unemployed prison service professionals in another warm place just gagging for quality work. For 10 quid I'll sell you the details of the plan. Any takers?

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