Z type Accom who owns it?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cat695, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. After finally moving into (refurbed) accom (not Z type but comes under the same deal)

    I was wondering who actually owns it....the reason I ask is that all the paper work etc that I signed when I moved in pointed towards it being owned and run by civvi's (any damage/furniture needed etc ring the civvi's)

    Does this mean I now have the rights of someone who rents in civvi street?? as I'm getting sick to death of people just entering my room when I'm both not around or informed of their entry(they even let themselves in when I was in bed)......and being a SSgt I like to think I can have a little private space.

    I would like to get a feel of my rights as I'm soon gonna blow a fuse on the next guy that just wanders in.


  2. Think yourself lucky. In the shit hole that is the WO's and Sgt's Mess for 27 Regt RLC and various other units in Aldershot, I returned to my room to find two workment ripping the wall out to get to the pipes that had were supposedly leaking only for them to then discover it was leaking a floor down. Took two weeks to get my wall repaired!
  3. So, we have a staffy from Bulford, and a SNCO at 27 Regt RLC. They will be telling us their Regt Numbers next ffs.

    Oh, and search through the threads, this has been done before.

    Hope this helps.

    Sluggy xx
  4. It's owned by the MOD, you do not, unfortunately gain the same status as someone who rents in civvi street, though I'm certain there are certain civil rights/liberties that by law anyone is entiteled to, even squatters, I just wouldn't know what they are.
  5. All buildings and estate assets belonging to MoD are looked after by Defence Estates
  6. If you rent in Civi street you are legaly obliged to allow the owner access to conduct repairs inspections etc

  7. You can have mine, I don't have to use it any more :). It starts with 24.... :)
  8. Blimey Sluggy AQ will be all excited to find out there is a staffy in Bulford.
  9. Are Z-Type not owned and run by aspire?