Z Type Accom Qs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rocko, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. I recently moved up in the world and now have a gucci Z type room.. but I have a few questions

    1. I have 2 phone lines in my room.. are these internal only or can I get an external line?

    2. If they're external lines.. how do I get billed for them?

    3. Is it wrong to hold naked bootie fights in my room?

  2. Lucky man, Rocko!

    I don't know but the master plan was to wire every room with broadband, TV and a telephone number that would follow you wherever you were posted. Although some of those plans have been overtaken by events, maybe you have one of the first such rooms.....? Where are you based?

    You could try borrowing a 'phone from the office, plugging it in and dialling 100. If the operator answers, you are on a civvy number - ask for the number. You will then have to find out to whom the bill goes (not a good idea to use it until you have volunteered to pick up the bill).

    If you can't call the operator on 100, try 192, which will give you mil directory services - and ask for the number. Bad news if they are military lines, because you will have to use a Chargecard!

    If the line is dead - speak to the QM's Dept for permission to ring BT and get them connected. This is the most likely option.

    3. Possibly, as long as no-one videos it and sells it to the NoW without asking for copyright clearance chits from everyone present. The chit should state that everyone agreed to everything recorded in the video and that no animals were hurt in its making. Oh, and don't drop anything on the carpet, the QM will go ape!