YZF750 M/BIKE..*modded*- R1 Tail unit/purple/gold flip paint

With great sadness im selling my motorbike,
spec as follows:

95 "M" reg Yamaha YZF750.
R1 single seat tail unit and custom made subframe
Purple /Gold pearlescant Flip paint job (£800)
Mirror polished frame.
Ohlins springs, shock, steering Damper.
Dynojet kit, modded airbox,Road Legal Micron and Deffo not legal :wink: Vance and Hines race exhaust,
112bhp at the rear wheel. (not bad for nearly 11 year old 750)
11 months MOT.

In summer, if i had more time to sell her she is worth £2500 easy, but because of the time of year and the fact im skint i'll take offers around £1700, or less if i like you.. :roll:
really, she has to go, if you know someone that might want it, let them know..

is this still available?
its got 10 months MOT left, and the colour is a Nissan one, im not sure of the name, but touch up kits are freely available!
er...750cc... and yes, the exhaust in the pic that says "vance and hines" is actually made by vance and hines.
The Lord Flasheart said:
Thanks, wasnt too sure. Is it front or rear wheel drive and can I run it on LPG?
its 4 wheel drive and you can run it on saki. :roll:

next silly question...

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