YWCA Closing in Germany

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Outstanding, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. 4 sites closing in july this year.
  2. Just been on BFBS - lying about their operation and how PAYD is to blame for their demise!
  3. Announcements on BFBS and SSVC Scene Here, along with front page article in 6th SENSE have confirmed the closing sites as Wegberg, Wildenrath, Celle and Falingbostel. Spokespersons from HQ UKSC(G) quoted in confirmation but with assuarances that the welfare and shop bits will be sourced from other providers. Possibly Sally Army or Red Shield with bits from NAAFI. GOC UKSC(G) and the top bloke in JHQ garrison appear to be onside to making good the gap made by closures.

    Seems that YWCA cared more about profit and loss than the community. If those were the sites losing money is it reasonable think the others were not. Have they neatly increased their profits and blamed the PAYD hoods for their problems?
  4. Care to expand a little for us UK dwelling folks?
  5. Wildenrath,Wegberg,Fally and Paderborn (I think!)
  6. See my bit above B-AB, is that sufficient, I don't know anything more about the bricks and mortar side at each location.
  7. Sorry you are right Celle not Paderborn. Paderborn is a Cat A site and has a 30 year life.
  8. But these closures do not appear to have any links to FAS or site category. On the Mansell radio show a woman, think the MD of YWCA, made it clear that these closing sites were losing money due to PAYD. No reference to troop levels or life expectancy in terms of army presence was made. Other threads have discussed the futures of ARRC, Os and Munster but none of those locations have been mentioned in any announcements by YWCA, Sally A or Red Shield.
  9. I think the issue centres on the fact that CVWW sites are losing money due to PAYD because the PAYD contractor (in this case, NAAFI), is given a monopoly on all food and drink provision and can therefore prevent others offering any form of catering. YWCA, Red Shield et al all small catering outlets as part of their facilities, so whatever proprtion of their income comes from catering will be lost. Additionally, the premises from which they operate are controlled by MoD - I am aware of one case where an objection to the forced closure of a newish building paid for by a charity was met with a change of ground rent from a peppercorn sum to a full commercial rate.

    I would be interested to know if WRVS are affected - they seem to have been spending a lot of money recently on providing internet facilities. I gather that they offer refreshments free of charge, so presumably aren't affected by PAYD.
  10. What is most interesting is that Miss Tischner (sp?) who spoke on this failed to make the point that neither Wegberg nor Wildenrath are PAYD operating sites. I am afraid that in this context YWCA are not necessarily always purveyors of the whole truth. Your point on WRVS is well made and indicates that it is possible to maintain pastoral care without recourse to commerce. Then again a look at the YWCA site ( http://www.ywca-gb.org.uk/news.asp ) their declared aims include :

    to help young women change the world they live in and become the women they want to be.

    In a safe environment, we support young women aged 11 to 30 to challenge violence or abuse, learn new skills, finish their education and improve their health and self-esteem.

    Not exactly anything to do with newspapers!
  11. Absolutely PAYD = NAAFI Monopoly, they want to control everything inside the wire, even down to Troop BBQ’s. Once they take control, they will supply all stock on camp, and they will control all opening hours. On the camp I am currently on, this even affects Sqn Bars.
    Competition is healthy, except when it involves NAAFI !!!!!
    Just speculation, but how long before prices start to rise due to “Circumstances beyond our control” and "we really regret the increase", however, we have no choice and neither do you because we have the contract, the infrastructure and are your only suppliers.
    Oh well, at least some, about to retire person, somewhere will be laughing all the way to the bank
  12. WRVS are in place only for single service personnel. The refreshment they provide is funded by Regimental, therefore non-public, money - they might even buy the stuff from NAAFI. The facilities they provide are usually supported from a variety of welfare and department funding sources. They are very firmly part of the CO's team for providing support to his/her unit in terms of single and married people.
  13. My understanding exactly. I do not know how many WRVS ladies(?) still exist in Germany and what their views are about PAYD or NAAFI generally. There used to be one in JHQ next to the Marly Club?
  14. Get real, our camps would not justify a corner shop to Tesco yet we expect NAAFI to provide a MAX store selling everything from TVs to nappies and everything in between with a food supermarket selling everything we’d want to buy in UK. Of course there is a limited market, unlike Tesco who are open all hours and welcome anyone, NAAFI are only allowed to sell to us and we put a wire round them. The economics don’t need an MBA to work out that there is only so much you can expect NAAFI to do in a closed market and return a profit ie dividend to US!! There is no monopoly though some organisations would like to have one on newspapers, interesting that on the one hand monopoly is good if it means newspapers and CVWW/YWCA but bad if it’s NAAFI!! We’d all be quick to whinge if NAAFI didn’t sell us all the home grown stuff we like to see on the shelves yet we don’t acknowledge them when they fund the kids football teams, unit sports, AFF conferences, unit charities etc etc. Instead of continually knocking NAAFI we should maybe start supporting them, after all they give 50% of the profit back to us and the rest goes in re-investment to fund improvements like those at Elmpt.
  15. Discussions about Elmpt seem to bring out the worst in many folks who go into NAAFI slag off mode. Is it a good set up there?