Yuri Gagarin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Gagarin statue unveiled in London

    Gagarin has always been one of my heros. There was no gurantee that when he took off into space that he would come back. He was left at the top of the rocket for hours as there was a "problem" until it was fixed then he said"Let's go" (in Russian but I can't remember the exact words). Strange the statue should be put in the Mall ok it's outside the British Council but I would have thought the Science Museum might have been more appropriate
  2. Bearing in mind the short cuts that the Soviet Space Programme took to achieve their aim; this guy had balls. Wasn't his death shrouded in controversy, accusations of drinking on the job etc? Can't be arrsed googling it though.
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    Ive been to Gagarin's last resting place in the Kremlin wall. I didnt know that he was there and I was far more impressed to see his grave than that of Stalin or Brezhnev.

    Gagarin's rocket was far better tested than the one which shot Alan Shepherd on his suborbital mission. All the sputniks were on the same base as Gagarin's rocket, and the Soyuz to this day is the same pattern. Whilst the space shuttle was an extraordinary achievement, the Russian R7 platform was developed in the 1950s and still functions today in its modernised, but recognisable form.

    Before Gagarin, the Soviets successfully launched dogs into space, the ones to return alive are now unceremoniously presented, stuffed, in glass cases at a museum in Moscow. Gagarin's capsule is less than 10 meters away from Belka and Strelka.

    There was always going to be some controversy about Gagarin's death, given the Soviet secrecy, but Gagarin was about the most valuable personality the Soviets had, and would have done anything to preserve him. From the numerous inquiries, Gagarin was found to have died when his aircraft got caught up in air disturbance caused by another aircraft.

    The siting of Gagarin's statue on the Mall is significant, its there where Gagarin met our Prime Minister. Its also outside of the Russian Roscomos, the company for space endeavours.
  4. I remember hearing about Yuri Gagarin's flight into space; I saw the grainy footage the Russians released on the national news. Fair play to them; Yuri was the first man in space, and it took some massive gonads to ride the rocket which had never been tested for human beings.
  5. What sort of short cuts?
  6. We should all remember for both the US and USSR this was not so much about sending a man into space (although of course that was quite some achievement) but a testing platform for their respective ballistic missile programs.
    I wonder what sort of world we would have today if the USA had not developed a space progam and tuned the inevitable spinoffs.

    Rocket science (if I may use the term) had its origins back in the Nazi war machine. The US were instrumental in capturing and turning some of the best German scientists there were. If they were no use strategically and were pretty high up the food chain they were sent to Nuremberg....
  7. I realise that I am showing my age with this one but my dad took me into central London to see Yuri Gagarin when he visited the UK in 1961.


    I was only five years old at the time but I can just about remember Gagarin being driven past in an open topped car. IIRC he was wearing his Soviet Air Force uniform.


  8. Same here and I was about 5 as well.
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  9. Just to let you know I wasn't 5 then.....in fact, I wasn't.
  10. Fiveist !
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  12. [​IMG]
    We remember him too