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Yup. She'd get it. Sexy Filth Whingeing

Er, turned down for promotion to Sarge then?
Been a spokesperson for a long time on national telly, not really up the sharp end is it?
What was her last arrest then, whilst being the face on the TV, or either before or after it?
Long time since she has seen an angry man methinks, big earner coming (supposedly).
Hopefully not though............................................................


Kit Reviewer
You put up the worst pics possible. My specs say she's way sexy throughout that video. AND she'd get it. Alot.
If you look, the video of her looking rather splendid in her uniform is from Oct 2000 and Feb 2002. Age has wearied and the years condemned when she's wearing that Baseball cap. Still not as bad a deterioration as Mediterranean women who gain 5 Stone and an Iraqi Army moustache when they hit 35.

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