Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wedge35, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Not sure if this documentary has been posted before but it's well worth watching for anyone with an interest in the former Yugoslavia. It's more than a little one-sided but presents an interesting counter-story to the one that most of us have come to accept. The way that the Sebs prosecuted the war in Bosnia obviously did them no favours in diplomatic terms, not least by obscuring the international wrangling that surrounded the break-up of Yugoslavia and the film puts the case that it is far from certain that German recognition of Croatia's independence was the correct course of action. Whilst it's still the case that Britain didn't exactly cover itself in glory, there is at least more to the story than the characterisation of our position as pro-Serb by default. While the documentary is on less solid ground when it tries to present Bosnia as some kind of proto-Islamist state - as anyone who has ever seen how much Bosniak's love their sliv will know - it's still well worth a watch when you have a spare hour and a half:

    Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War Part 1
  2. :cry:
    Ill have a butchers at that ....TA yes the Brits were not friendly to Croatia or Bosnia...thank **** the French were providing the links for the 1st weapons shipments from Argentina :applaud: