Jesssus FS, and what are you, an oil painting
Yes, she is.

Perhaps they chose him because he is so fug-ugly that he puts the fear of god into the rag-heads.

"That isn't a war face! This is a war face! GRRRRRRRR Now show me your war face!"
Woopert, what you may consider an oil painting, to us rough arrsed Northerners, maybe the total reverse.  Still, your a gentleman rising to defend her honour.  Pistols at dawn?
Could the Sun possibly have found a less attractive squaddie than the one featured on yesterday's 'Support Our Boys' poster.  What a disappointment.
I'm shocked at the shallowness of your remark!
You're kidding right?
Handsome is as handsome does ;D
Never mind all that, how much will the Sun pay, to sponsor ARRSE?

Jake, any ideas? :)
Gunny, I too am a gruff-arrsed northerner having been born and bred in God's own county of Lancashire.  
Never mind all that, how much will the Sun pay, to sponsor ARRSE?

Jake, any ideas? :)
send them an e-mail at custserv@the-sun.co.uk , they might be interested, especially since many people who are "away" are logging in.
Very true Quiller.....

Don't read the fine publication myself, but I understand it is a favourite amongst Tommy Atkins. I believe they also sponsor "Concert parties" involving scantily clad females. Think they'll send one to this location? Not exactly in the front line, but it'll do my morale the world of good

If the Powers that be are interested, then I could pick up the phone, as soon as I've done this fc**king report that's taking my entire frigging life up
He is a member of God's Own Infantry regiment, therefore he is permanently excused aesthetics :)
But not nearly as bad as the "SuperHunks" selection...how the hell did Gareth qualify for that one? The "SuperBabes" is fine, patriotic, little bit of flesh... then we get Gareth Gates! Where's the pictures of a sexy squaddie wearing just his boots and a union jack?

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