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Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by spunkymonkey, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Was about to post this with the other bits so far, but don't want to swamp the threads that matter. If I don't put it somewhere, Mrs SM is itching to place it on public view (even though she's calmer now):

    Fluffy had posted very diplomatically, this was an edit to a previous post of hers after he did. The bit at the end directed at me really says it all, but my account is suspended after I asked it to be. Damn those rash moments! :evil:
  2. Where the fcuk did that happen. Wind your neck in Yin-Yan , before I point out your Arrse identity has commented bugger-all on the SSAFA thread.

    And I'd like a pony and my commission confirmed for Christmas. My inbox is currently running at 70 pms a day , and I am personally replying to ALL of them.
    Deal with the self-esteem issues yourselves, we haven't time. It would also help to drop the me me me me attitude. people may take you more seriously.

    "I've never served , I don't understand OPSEC and I love a good gossip"

    Eh? We asked you to sign a petition and send some letters.

    Does this woman live in Grays Lane?
  3. I'll handle the Yin Yan points offline with her.

    Have you had a response to the deployment of our Spokesman?

    Peter - if you hadn't been a Conductor, you would have been referred to as the Spokestrog then.
  4. PM to Peter sent , OC Support Coy informed as well, if he hasn't got web comms at the moment.
  5. Spunky - I really think a link to the YRF page will help overcome some of their objections to being left out.

    Are there any other sites we can include at the same time?
  6. If you can hold off till tonight and put a wadge on together, I have the links to several others that have been sent attached to emails...

    I don't want us to pander to her ego, but I do think that if we don't pour oil we'll be fighting two Red Teams and it will detract from the effort. None of us have the time to monitor her and her "tri service" group as well as doing all we need to...
  7. Guess that, pending the aforementioned letter from Her Mag, I could sneak YRF in at the bottom of the "other links" page? :twisted:

    Obviously, any you have who have been in active, and constructive comms with us should go in the "Help... who we are" section.

    Re link for YRF, will have to work on the "descriptive" bit. First thoughts:

    www.yrf..... "Good at knitting and apparently hold great tea-parties"
  8. I don['t fcuking believe this. This is her reply

    From: MrsCheeks
    To: PartTimePongo
    Posted: 2007-07-26, 14:33:36
    Subject: Re: Representation at the meeting
    Tony I suggest that you phone me on 01993 201 626 and NO I do not agree that this is necessarily the best person to speak to and I will be in contact with him personally regards this matter - likewise with SSAFA as well.
  9. Dear GOD! :x

    Right, where's Athol? She needs to be given a great big FUCK OFF! pill now... :pissedoff:

    Who the FUCK does she think she is?

    I am steaming. :x
  10. Brain still mashed, so must be reading wrong. I think what that essage says is :

    "No, I think I, on behalf of my teacircle, would be a better spokesperson than the GC holding, injured-in-service husband of the woman wo sparked the whole idea of this facility in the first place"

    Could someone please let me know what it really says?
  11. She wants me to ring her. Cover my back chaps, I'm going in .....
  12. Fluffy - Hold please, I''m doing it now.
  13. Who/what is this awful woman outside her YRF persona?
  14. Not sure, Viro, but...

    Would it be possible, after this is resolved, to have all fundraising threads by her club removed from this site please? And, possibly, a troll tag applied to her? :evil:
  15. What fcuking insults?

    Fluffs, if you're in comms with her, I need to know what damage she's threatening?