Ypres , Somme , WW1 sites , Any sugestions ?

At the end of May I am planning on visiting the WW1 sites in France. We are taking my Mother & Farther inlaw both who are in their late 70's early 80's . Father inlaw is partialy disabled due to a stroke but can walk short distances . The main reason for the visit is for mother inlaw to see some of the places her farther served at during this time . We know very little about his exploits as he would never talk about it to his family.
We do know -
He was mentioned in despatches (he would never say what for )
He served with The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment , we think with the Eighth Battalion . Or was there a 5 RWK ?
His name , R Morris , rank PTE , number 240384 . We also have a small cloth shield shape badge with some kind of prancing horse with the initials CSGB underneath .
Can anyone suggest any pertinant sites to the RWK , or indeed any good places to visit that may not be in the normal internet or guide book searches . We are going to be arriving France 10.30 hrs on a friday and departing Calais about 18.30 hrs on the sunday .
Any help will be much appreciated , this is not a trip that we will probably be repeating so we need to get it right first time.
Also any suggestions on how we may be able to find what for or why he was mentioned in despatches , Audrey ( M inlaw ) has tried via internet and I believe spoken with someone from the RWK.
Many thanks in advance
These two web sites may be useful in helping you to research your grand-dad's WW I service:

Western Front Association (U.K.)


British Medal Forum:


You may have some luck in finding the Battalion's war diaries at the record office in Kew (the people at Western Front or British Medal can tell you how to look for those.) If your grandfather was mentioned in despatches he would have been noted in there. You may be able to find your grand-dad in the London Gazette but it is unlikely that the reason he was mentioned would be spelled out.

The Western Front people can probably give you an idea as to the most meaningful sites to visit. Maybe they can even offer recommendation of a tour guide if that would be helpful. Good luck.


Found his medal Card. Appears he has an MM rather than a MID.

Card also has an address for him.
Assume you will all be travelling by car.
Book b&b in Ypres for two nights. Short walk to the Menin Gate ( on the original site of one of the medieval city gates.)
The Gate is to the memory of around 55,ooo soldiers who have no known grave. Their names are engraved on all the walls of the impressive memorial. ( Designed by Lutyens and erected in the twenties.)

Two buglers of the Ypres fire brigade come out at 8pm each evening and stop the traffic and blow the last post.

Well worth a visit. Take tissues. There is a lot of "dust" blowing around. It seems to coincide with readind the names.



Try BanjoTroopers little gaff HERE . You need to be able to drink and listen to real stuff by a Tankie but he is the a RBL rep at Ypres and has a lot of knowledge of the area. Apart from that he's a tttwwwaaattt.
And I'm a wierd TWAAAAAAAAAAAAT too and to top it off, my dog wears our guests pants and then arse skates around your bedroom to wake you up ha!

Yep. I am indeed a tankie! :roll: :D

Still, you are more than welcome to give the old B&B a go!! 8O

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