Ypres/Somme areas 21/22 August 10....

I'm off on one of my regular sojourns to these Great War sites on the above dates so if anyone would like a photo of a Memorial, landmark or individual grave of relative etc then let me know via here and I'll try my best to get it done for you.

RI - I tried to take a panoramic shot from the site of Rawly's "Grandstand" in June but fecked up the download from my digital camera to the laptop. If you are popping out to Dernancourt then a few frames would be nice? You can take in the MacDougall VC site (the embankment over the road by the CWGC cemetery) and the cemetery itself is quite an interesting location.
I'm ok for photos thanks, I did however forget to pick up my customary box of matches from the Engels brothel in the town centre, if you get chance nip in and grab me one.
No probs,cuddles. I'll be visiting the Memorial Cairn to the 16th Royal Scots in Contalmaison; been there a few times always worth a visit. The book "McCrae's Battalion" is well worth a read too if you havent already.One of my relatives is featured in it:

Hearts Great War Memorial : Contalmaison

Juan, do the matches have your name on the box? Just so I can explain to Mrs imbiber why I'm taking so long in the establishment.......
Visited in June - the whole Hearts/McCrae story is incredible. Have you read Trevor Royle's Concise History of the Royal Scots too? And his The Flowers of the Forest: Scotland and the First World War is a stotter too.

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