Ypres Salient

Discussion in 'Travel' started by lonegroover, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Staying in Ieper soon for a couple of days or so on the bike; Major Holt's map details a million places to go, so any suggestions of 'must see' places to narrow it down would be appreciated. I'd rather give each suggested place the respect it deserves, rather than do a whistle stop. I'll be going to to the Menin Gate one evening, and Tyne Cot for sure.

    If there's a link to a previous thread I couldn't find it.
  2. try looking at the western front association and great war forum on Internet,(i'm a computer spaz or i would have linked them),i liked the canada park at vimey ridge particularly the underground tour but that may have more to do with the yummy female Canadian rangers that took it.
  3. Can't find one either so -

    Day One, Cloth Hall for the In Flanders Fields Exhibition, St Georges Memorial Church, Ramparts Walk, then Menin Gate for Last Post.

    Day Two, Hill 62 Museum, Tyne Cot, Langmark.
  4. http://www.greatwar.co.uk/ypres-salient/town-ieper.htm
  5. Thanks both. Female Canadian Rangers, eh? mmmmmmmm
  6. "hill 62" is prity good cost a bit on entry.some realygood images of the total destruction at the time,loads of treasure in display cases etc,the trenches out the back are good despite most being reproductions.
  7. Stinker's iteinerary is a very good one - depends what you want to see and how much reading up you want to do before you go. Other suggestions would be:

    - Hill 60 Museum
    - Sanctuary Wood musueum. Most of the exhibits are rusty relics but they have a number of 3D slide machines with hundreds of photos of the salient taken throughout the war. Brutal but they give you a real sense of what it was like.

    With a bit of research I would also recommend Polygon Wood and the VC of Colonel Bent, Zonnebeke and the VC and Bar of Lt Col Martin-Leake, St Julian and first use of Poison Gas and finally Langemark and the story of 7 KOYLI who lost 532 of 600 men on 16 Aug 1917.
  8. Seek out Banjotrooper - he owns and runs a guesthouse in Ypres and also does battlefield tours. His website link is in his signature
  9. Was there a couple of weeks ago , Hill 62 and Sanctuary Wood as mentioned above , some of the most telling things for me were the few tree stumps that still survive to this day .We did also find the site of the Christmas truce and football match more by luck than anything else , a small notice on the side of the road. Some of the mine crater sites are worth a few mins, we were following the places mentioned in the history of the 8th BTN Royal West Kents as Mother in Laws Farther was with them, AND came home in one piece ! It was strange to stand in quite possibly the same spot as him nearly a 100 years ago.
    Ieper is worth spending some time in , and its strange to visit "Hellfire Corner" and "Shrapnel Crossing" and try to imagine them as they were then. We were limited by the inlaws mobility or lack of , and a quiet walk reveals many relics and pill-boxes just a short distance from the beaten track , we also found lumps of shrapnel just laying on top of the ground.
    With regards to the female Rangers at Vimy Ridge , yes they were stunners I didn't see a single bad one ... well worth a visit for the memorial as well .
  10. I agree with that . We had him as guide on the first ARRSE WW1 tour I organised.
  11. If he can't guide, try fellow ARRSER 'Flyingmonkey'.
  12. Was there last year, just passing through on my way to ze Fatherland. The Menin gate is a powerful place in and of itself, but to be honest, just take some time to travel around the little backroads. The place just has a powerful atmosphere, and staying away from the bigger memorials is a way to experience it alone.