Youve never had it so good?

This is one of those articles that really makes me stop and think. I hear and see a lot to suggest that people generally think that they pay too much tax (income, council, VAT, etc), that petrol prices are crippling motorists, utility bills are huge, etc, etc. Then I read something like this-,,1773003,00.html

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What is going on here? How can people spend so much on luxury (or at least non-essential items) if they are being ground into the dust by greedy government and corporations? Do these sorts of figures just disguise the fact that we have an unequal society where the poor struggle and the rich have money to burn? Or are we nowadays a nation of selfish, materialistic whingers!?


"The annual British Lifestyles report, by the consumer spending analyst Mintel, calculates that the average household spends £37,000 a year on consumer goods. Britain's total consumer spending, the report says, has increased 43% over the last 10 years. The study finds consumer spending last year was £200bn higher than the government's estimate, in part due to Mintel's inclusion of council tax and discretionary pension payments."

Ah. Nice to see, that my council tax is now regarded as profligate spending in the consumer goods sub-species, of 'luxuries'.

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