You've come a long way, baby...

Hey!.. today is International Women's Day.. and, except for an excuse to drink and impress the wimmen at the bar with your ' touchy-feely ', I support you fully side...look like the ladies are still on the losing end of things..

first America goes all squirrelly because Janet Jackson's fine set of hooters might ' corrupt ' little johnny when he's watching two teams of steriod pumped men crash each other over a ball, or were they worried that Dad might find mom ' wanting ' when compared to Janet's ' genetically modified ' endowments or Grandpa's pacemaker short out??..

seems, though, that America isn't too far down the road from Israel and Pakistan in its thinking that Women are the root of all evil..

Natalie Portman [ Israeli-born ] gets slammed by the Orthodox Men-in-Black for smooching by the Wailing Wall for a scene in an upcoming film.. She's got to backtrack, play nice and apologize for giving someone somewhere ' offence '..

Now, Lollywood actress, Meera, from Lahore, Pakistan , in an attempt to 'cement relations ' with constant rival and irritant nation India, is being dumped on for kissing an Indian actor in a Bollywood/Lollywood co-production...she and her family have received ' death threats ' and she's had to flee her home..

Seems that there is a ' double standard' .. Pakistani and Indian films can show highly charged erotic dances filmed from almost pornographic angles, can have their female stars emerge from cascading waterfalls with their light loose wraps clinging to every part of the female anatomy with the nipples indicating the temperature of the water, but, the wrath of the Hindu gods and the populace descend on any who lock lips to ' suggest' romance...Seems certain Muslim segments in Pakistan agree with that...

Before laughing at the ' repressive dark ages' religious types in the Middle East/Sub-Continent, look at the backlash of the Christian Conservative Right in America and elsewhere [ see, our ' cultures' are not so far different after all ] over the ' licentiousness ' and ' perversions ', violence and sex on TV and in films..

I guess getting Natalie, Meera and, Indian actress, Aishwarya Rai, in a naked, mud-wrestle threesome is out of the question, then??

anyway, International Women's Day... excuse for a drink in my books...
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