Stop posting links to youtube and get some axe-wound shots in the gallery!
"I am calling from the International Revolutionary Jihad ..."

"Ah, my call is in a queue."

"Do not worry my call is very important to them."


The Blue on Blue is a bit close to the knuckle though - today of all days.

And I doubt the nine arrested in Sparkhill this morning are quite as soft as Shafiq and Abdul.

What happened to the real ones? I recall a rumour that they didn't make it all the way back down the chain.


Not an axe wound, but well-fcuked
Ahh Monkey Dust, one of the best "unknown" comedies out there today


it was good wasnt it ?

My mate who was temping at the BBC when it was on told us they got a complaint from a women who rang up to say that the cartoon was inappropriate for her 7yr old! It was on at 10.30 at night you stupid bint! Yes it was a cartoon but the fact it was on that late may have been a hint that it wasnt for kids. And what was a 7 yr old doing up then !

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