Youtube Videos (Prepare for a lump in your throat)

I would have posted these in the internet links thread but I felt that these videos need a bigger audience, however mods feel free to move if you wish.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Apologies if these have been put up before.

And if the fella who made these videos is an ARRSE'r then step forward that man. I would like to buy you a few beers.

Cheers Suits_U
I can't get the second link to work but it is a video by the same bloke who did the other two.
entitled 'Forces in Afgan remembered'
Sorry, I've already seen those, and I cannot watch them again as it puts me on the brink of tears. I also well up now, everytime I hear that Snow Patrol song.

They gave their lives as heroes,

RIP fellas.
I knew one of the guys on one of the videos, (As I'm sure did many of the fine people who post on here) and no matter how many times I watch it, I still well up.
Well done for making the videos...they needed making.

RIP lads and lasses. X
Excellent vids, and well edited, shame more of the general public dont see these on the tv and sky, but it doesnt give good pr for blair and co so it wont happen.
RIP to those shown, and those that have fallen since
Brave men and women, let down by this government - AND its citizens, as WE put those eejets in power and have done nothing to get rid of them.

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