Youtube vid - worth watching

seemahpoint said:
"A 22 year-old infantry sergeant"?

Overstretch, what overstretch...
Back in 1987 in my TA inf unit we had a 23 year old Sergeant. It wasn't for lack of candidates he was really that good.
Those images could easily have been taken in many (but thankfully not any) of our own barracks. However, it strikes me that a lot of the faults might easily be solved by any wily CQMS or self-help. I mean honestly, eg, there is really no means to exchange a broken toilet seat?
Come on.
is it just me or does he keep repeating himself?

Another point, in the vid he says they are entitled to 122sq feet of living space, if you get that much space in a British Army singlies block you get your own BFPO number!!
Looks familiar, yep, just like RAF Brizey!!! i lived in a portakabin in a week, either that or a tent :D!


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Funny old thing.....I may be one of a few Arrsers who's visited Fort Bragg.

We were there in 2001 to look at how the US Army did their accommodation ...intent being to take away any pointers for the SLAM programme.

The PROM at Bragg has 43,000 people (including PADS) on his flick......and in addition to the normal building upkeep he is also responsible for maintaining 600 MILES of what he described to us as 'Interstate blacktop'

They showed us their brand new build and some of the gash blocks too.

It came as an eye opener to me because like many BritFor I had this built-in assumption that anything the US Mil did was by default better than what we had. Back then they still had some wooden 1950s prefab accom in use at Bragg.

You have to bear in mind the impact this has on the US domestic audience....Bragg is home to their ELITE units.....the base commander will proudly tell you that when POTUS picks up the phone and calls 9-1-1, it rings in Fort Bragg - home of the All American 82nd, ready ,willing and AIRBORNE Sir !

Interesting to note that 7 years downstream, they are still struggling to find money for Propman AND fund two ongoing medium scale operations.......

I comparison with some of the Army accom I've been in here in UK, the lad's old man doesn't have a hell of lot to gripe about
(Montgomery Lines - which I hopeis now empty - springs to mind as does the old Bhurtpore Bks in Tidworth, Louisburg in Bordon,the former SS barracks in Hohne etc etc )......but then again, our people don't do 15 month deployments in FobRob or Musa Qala either.......

Thanks for posting....I'll be intrigued to see whether this causes the same fuss as the Washington Post expose of Walter and shoot,watch and shoot.

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Fecking hell, rear party had has fifteen months to tidy up the place a bit for their return, what were they doing?

Mind you, I'd bet that after a year the local pads wives were gagging for a bit of attention...
Goatman said:
(Montgomery Lines - which I hopeis now empty - springs to mind as does the old Bhurtpore Bks in Tidworth,
Moved out of there in 2004/2005 chum, we were the last unit to be there (I THINK!!!) Nice new barracks built with our regimental colours (as in paint colours, not service colours) all over it. But the Battalion that moved in were not the same Regiment. Rippers party will repaint on my count....

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