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Youtube downloader



use "torch" as your browser. It has a built in torrent manager, and you can download straight from xhamste.......errrrr.......YouTube.
I'm not too keen on downloading from CNET now. They seem to have come up with their own installer app. **** knows what you might be installing along with the program you want.


If you use the "torch" browser there is a little button at the top entitled "media." If you are on youtube and want the video, you just click the button and Torch does the rest for you automatically.
Freestudio Manager is great as other posters have said and it comes with all sorts of other gadgets. However, it doesn't allow you to download stuff your Mum doesn't want you to see from "educational" sites... ;)
I've used the imaginatively named Youtube Downloader in the past, works fine.

Mmmm, Ronsealy.
That is the best as it can also convert videos to 3GPP and WMA etc. Otherwise use Firefox as someone suggested as that has a good downloader and can downlaod from any tube site (Or any I've been on).

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