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Youths strap hamster to firework


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Police have condemned youths in Glasgow who killed a hamster by tying it to a firework and setting it off.
Officers believe the incident happened in the Possilpark area of the city recently and it was recorded on a video phone.

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said it had launched a search for those responsible for the "horrific" attack.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said such crimes must be taken seriously.

The police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of this horrific crime and inquiries are ongoing to determine the person and persons responsible."

'Not normal'

The SSPCA said: "We received some information regarding this incident and we are working closely with Strathclyde Police.

"Any children carrying out an act like this need to be caught because it is not normal behaviour. It needs to be addressed and addressed quickly.

"It is important that people take animal cruelty seriously - it is often a warning of something much worse."
Cretins. Not abnormal behaviour in children at all, though. I remember the curious case of the frog, the slug and the centrifuge like it was yesterday.
This just goes to show how crap our firework laws are.

Back in my day you could buy huge fcukung rockets and would never dream of launching anything smaller than a cat, with a pack of bangers taped around it's midrif for good measure.


:lol: :D Brilliant!!!!

Sounds like perfectly normal behaviour to me.
When I was a boy I used to blow up frogs with bangers and have competitions with my friends to see who could shoot a cow in the udders with a rocket :D

Bloody funny when you hit your target :D
Goku is absolutely correct. My brother and I ran a small fauna death squad when we were kids. Mostly frog culling with air pistols. In retrospect, youthful sadism. At the time, damn good sport, until we were shopped to the local unit beat bobby, who being such, could not be @rsed with paperwork and let us off with a stern rebuke.
Some kids did the same earlier this year in my town, they brought a hamster and strapped it to a firework with a rubber band and launched it.

Someone also mailed a hamster to the vets localy as well...


Someone also mailed a hamster to the vets localy as well...
Is that a typo? Don't you mean nailed a hamster to the vet?

We need to know, could be a new past-time for our juniors....

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