Youth Police Tsar in Kent likes Sex Apparently

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Is this foul-mouthed, self-obsessed Twitter teen really the future of British policing? Youth crime tsar's sex and drug rants | Mail Online

    I see the employing department used plenty of due diligence in checking this young lady's social media accounts before offering her this position!!

    Yet another example of how positions which we evidently don't need have been created to feed off the taxpayer purse.

    It was said long before they created these police commissioners posts that they would be railroaded for jobs for the boys and here we are less than a year after implementation and already a number of them have faced accusations of fiddling their expenses and appointing friends and family to £20k a year nothing posts on the explanation they are providing a service to Joe Public.

    Yet another of Cameron's disasters........


    All that said I know most here would........

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  2. Do catch up!
  3. Watches Made In Chelsea... young people today...
  4. I never voted for Anne Barnes the Kent PCC, who, like many candidates, never sent me her campaigning literature; but it would seem that all her previous work with Kent Police swayed some people enough to vote for her.

    Since taking up her post Barnes has passed my life by, until I read about her appointing a 17yr old @£15k pa as a junior PCC.
    When the news broke I thought WTF, now, with all this being reported I just wonder she will remain in post.
    Weird decision + "investigative " press = frantic back pedalling on Monday.
    Armchair and popcorn time methinks
  5. I'll wager she'll be sacked tomorrow - -And I would'nt by the way - reminds me too much of Jo Brand
  6. And that's todays prospective copper? We are fcuked big time if so, sod it I'll bunker down where I am and stock up on tin cans!
  7. "Youth Police Tsar in Kent likes Sex Apparently" - Don't we all?
  8. Thank you so much for your assumption that I was still capable of fathering kids in my 50s. But the inference that I was still stupid enough in my 50s to father more children is not so welcome.

    As a PCC Ann Barnes is not sworn to HM the Q. But as a JP ? She is sworn to do right by all manner of people.

    I don't know whether she interpreted that too literally and extended it to employing all manner of people.

    I posted something recently about Sid the Benefits Fiddler. Possibly apocryphal.

    And a Chief constable (not Kent) appears to think that relates to a cold case in his county. So I ended up providing the history to another force. So I suppose BB better temporarily find a new hobby as baiting Kent Plod and PCC may be off the menu awhile.

    But the happy and pleasing news is that the other Chief constable (not Kent) seems to be well and truly serving our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the Office of Constable. Who could ask for more ?
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    We're not in the NAAFI. Keep the 'I would / wouldn't' rubbish to yourselves.
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  10. Apparently she made these tweets when she was 14/15 years old according to the BBC news report during which she made a gurning apology.

    I'm surprised she had enough time to spare from pie eating to grasp her phone in her pudgy hand!
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  11. One of her tweets as follows:

    "Oh my God, will you Pikeys stop nicking the fcuking train track metal, as I'm on a fcuking replacement bus, fcuking stupid, moronic tw*ts".

    She'll do for me! :)

    As an aside, yes, it is ridiculous that a young lass, with no life skills as yet, has been put on the public payroll as some sort of "down with the kids" initiative by the PCC, but she is hardly on rock star wages. More obscene in my humble opinion is the likes of Baroness Ashton being shoe-horned into the top end of the highly lucrative European political trough with seemingly no qualifications and never having been voted into office of any kind by the plebs.
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  12. More worryingly The British Library are going to keep them all forever!
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