Youth of Today

Wonder if this was self medicating or if his next step is to sue his doctor?

Maxine Krone, defending, said Brown was taking 13 types of medication at the time for an anxiety disorder.
"... before trying to ‘kebab’ staff with a 20ft metal pole because they refused to sell him a bargain bucket ...."

Lol. Completely psycho but the guy's got style.

“When faced with the option of fight or flight, he had decided to fight.”

Not a winning defence, ignoring the more normal option when faced with a closed takeaway of just wandering off.
What an amazing coincidence. 'Er indoors bought a £10.99p bargain bucket from KFC in Skeggy only last Monday lunchtime. She did'nt menace the staff however, smash the place up or ram raid the car into the storefront. If she had done so and been arrested then the full weight of the social services would have moved behind her and our income would doubtless be more lucrative! Or am I being cynical?

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