Youth of today, bless em

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Civvy_Shot, Jul 10, 2007.

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    Good that they actually were somewhere more outdoorsy than the local park with a 2 litre bottle of White Lightning but scared of cows and calling out International Rescue???


    None of the girls were injured but one teenager who complained of feeling cold was taken to hospital to be checked over by medical staff.

    Yes, it's night-time. It gets a bit chillier. TAKE A FRIGGING COAT NEXT TIME. And how would you get injured when you didn't even go into the field?
  2. That's a ridiculous story - completely wasted a prime cow-tipping opportunity .
  3. they completely wasted the resourses of the emergency services..
  4. 'They contacted the centre and coastguard, police and ambulance were sent'

    Why didn't the centre send its own minibus to pick them up and save the taxpayer a fortune?
  5. the story should have read...

    "They contacted the centre when they came across the field of cows and the Buggertron was dispatched. Usually only reserved for the dumbest of women and armed with what resembles a traffic cone, it's job is to 'bugger the shit' out of them, with an aim to increaseing mental agility or in this case just get on with the ******* job," a Hertfordshire County Council spokeswoman said.
  6. LMAO!!! :D

    Oh... concerning cow tipping... during the 1990 Nijnmegan march my team hooked up with some of your folks (can't remember which outfit they were from some royals own something or other) and convinced them to give the rural past time a whirl following the post march booze fest. One fellow spent a good twenty minutes uselessly pushing on a cow then had the sense to ask for help... we responded with laughter. Later on they tried to convince us to play a game of "freckles" Ugh... did not happen...
  7. Pity it was Loreto and not FETTES.

    Sorry I forgot the Fettesian Blair likes cows - he married one. Boom! boom!
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  9. remember a new stab recruit opened up on a sheep with blank as he feared it was about to attack him :?
  10. Something humerous about a fellow firing blanks at sheep... :D
  11. Is that an Australian joke? :D
  12. Pretty sure the real Loretto is in Scotland, not St Albans.